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Paper Mario: Sticker Star available on 3DS across Europe from 7th December

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Sonic Colors (DS)

Posted by Tambo On November - 24 - 2010

Take 3 bursts of blue speed hedgehog balls at least four times a day

Honestly, turn your back for a moment and naughty Dr Eggman soon gets up to his old tricks. Things start out innocently enough; the spiky blue ball of Speed, Sonic the Hedgehog and his fury friend Tails zoom off into space in search of fun to a brand new interstellar theme park built by his old nemesis Eggman to give something back to the world after years of torment. However, Sonic smells a rotten egg and soon discovers that Eggman’s theme park is really a cover up for his evil plans of kidnapping pointy goggle eyed aliens called wisps in order to harness their power and do yet more despicable things. As with the early Sonic titles, the plot doesn’t go beyond Sonic and Tails trying to rescue the aliens (a teensy bit similar to rescuing your animal friends in the original 16-bit Sonic 2 but with more surprising results) and once again spoil Eggman’s plans whereas the writing is still based at a young audience but has some smile worthy humour in it.


From the very start, it looks, sounds and feels like a classic Sonic game that transfers onto the DS excellently. Sonic still blurs through the innovative and brilliantly designed themed worlds including my personal favourite Sweet Mountain complete with giant hotdog eating robot man. All his signature moves are there, speed boosts and jumps as well as all the lovely attention to detail you would expect in any good Sonic title including  loop-the-loops, pulleys and lots of big rubber stopper looking springs accompanied with the delightfully familiar “boing” sound effects. As always,  collecting hundreds of shiny gold rings will not only help you survive a bit longer but unlocks special stages where you use the stylus to guide Sonic through a track full of coloured balls and what do balls equal? Shiny Emeralds of course!


The extra thrill with Sonic Colours can be found when you make friends with the new wisps you meet at the start of a new world. As each world can be conquered after a couple of levels and a boss faster) or digging underground like a jet engine mole. Depending on the colour of wisp you collect during a level informs what special ability you can do and gives you yet even more of the already huge levels to explore. The game also offers side missions with some familiar faces popping up to offer encouragement or ridicule as you race against the clock or have to collect a certain number of wisps/bad guys etc.  Ideal for completionists, Sonic also has plenty of unlockables that you can find in the right shoulder button menu including cut scenes , sound tracks and effects plus illustrations of locations and baddies from throughout the game which is a nice touch. If you missed anything during a level, the left shoulder button menu allows you to replay and better your score and rank.


The Multiplayer options offer single play against the computer, multicard play or single card play which is a straight race the to end between you and a friend which is quite tense and exciting as you can see how far in the lead (or not) you are at all times using the split screen. You can collect items on your way to slow down your opponent too but using them in the ultra fast battle often takes skill and takes your focus away from your own run, resulting in metal spike landing – ouch!


Feeling like a classic Sonic title but making the most of the DS format, this game is a true return to form for the beloved ball of speed. The soundtrack is a punchy beat and again reflects the retro Sonic sound repackaged brilliantly for a modern day audience. The boss levels typically get harder the further into the game you go but the melodramatic threats made by bad robotic creations are easily thwarted with a routine number of well timed bounces that is satisfying yet retains more of that addictive quality of a great Sonic game. Regardless of ability, players will find there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back to this title as despite being on the smaller screen, it feels like Sonic is bigger, brighter and better than ever.




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