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Super Scribblenauts Review

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 15 - 2010

Super Scribblenauts is the 2nd in the Scribblenauts series developed by 5th Cell and reintroduces players to Maxwell, who wears the famous red rooster hat. Maxwell lives in a world that is controlled by your actions. This side scrolling puzzle game has players collecting ‘Starites’ by inputting words into a notepad which will than transform into objects to help Maxwell make his way through the levels. Maxwell is guided through each of the levels by the D-pad or Stylus depending how you wish to control him. The game firstly shows how to move from point A to point B to a flag, to get used to performing jump actions and shows the player that Maxwell also has the ability to swim.

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In the upper left hand corner, players will see Maxwell’s head which will center the camera back on Maxwell, if for some reason he goes out of your line of vision. Maxwell can’t always reach high ledges to jump, so players must use the notepad to create objects to help Maxwell. For the first demonstration Maxwell must reach the cliff and to do this you must first create a ladder which he can climb. You can place objects in the empty space by dragging them and letting go. While dragging, you can then use the L and R buttons to rotate any object you have created. Maxwell also has the ability with the right tool to dig through various soft terrains such as dirt. Players must create a shovel, then drag the shovel onto Maxwell to equip it. If you get stuck through the levels, don’t worry too much as there is a hint indicator button to help you out. Items that you’ve equipped can then be easily removed by tapping the remove button. There is a limit to the number of objects you can create at once, and this is represented by the thermometer on the top screen of the Nintendo DS. In other words, you must destroy objects you no longer need to make way for the new ones. Objects can also be destroyed by dragging them over the notepad icon.

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Super Scribblenauts has the ability to recognize adjectives you write when creating objects. Although there are a few rules pertaining to the objects you can write. Firstly they do have to be a phsycial object. It cannot be a place, a proper name, suggestive material, vulgarity or copyrighted. Believe me when I say we tried and came up with some very interesting ideas and objects. You’re given merits throughout the game, depending on your performance. Maxwell earns ollars for completing levels and using words for the very first time. Ollars can then be spent on hints and to buy player avatars. The game will try and test you on your logical thinking by asking you to place an object with similar characetristics in a set of object boxes.  For example you’re given 3 boxes. On the left side we have a Plesiosaurus swimming happily around and on the right side is a cute giraffe. So players need to work out what they could input into the middle box that has similar characteristics.

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Each level can be replayed in advance mode too, but you must complete it three times in a row and additionally, you cannot reuse objects or adjectives from previous playthroughs. Advance levels can be challenging, so you’ll have to get your thinking caps on. Many of the levels have multiple steps that players have to take in order to progress, so you may have to take a long hard think about what you want to create in the notepad. One of Super Scribblenauts’s features is the ability to add characteristics to objects, such as a “green refrigerator”, which is new this time round. More than one adjective can be tied to a single object, making it possible to summon various objects such as ‘Giant Green Dog’. The amazing thing about this game is the vast amount of words you can submit into the notepad to create awesome objects. Super Scribblenauts allows sticky or rope like objects to be used to attach things to each other, in case  we need a lead for that giant pixel dog that has appeared on your screen. As soon as you have solved a puzzle in each level, you’ll be given a special shiny Starite. These Starites must be collected by Maxwell in order to complete each level.

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Players must make their way through the constellation map to progress with each level seen as a star. The silver stars represent levels that still have a Starite for Maxwell. As players complete more levels, more constellations will be revealed to them. The first initial levels have players collecting easy to get objects and creating very simplistic objects in order to move Maxwell through the puzzle. Some of the levels of the game will have you helping people to safety, trying to work out why two brothers need a various sport to have fun and what the king of the jungle needs to rest. All the levels keep you wondering if you’re inputting the right object word. It’s fun trying out all the combination of words to create some hilarious objects. For instance I put the word ‘gamer’ in to find it was actually a little person wearing a game console controller t-shirt, which was really cool. I definately think you spend far more time concentrating on what you can create, rather than making your way through the levels. It’s actually got quite an addictive feel about it. The really enjoyable part of Super Scribblenauts is that it stretches your imagination, so the fun is sometimes finding the more adventurous ways to solve a puzzle.

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Super Scriblenauts has a charming quirkiness about it and has a pick up and play anytime feel. The graphics are cute, as are the accompanying music and sounds. It has an all round well balanced feel and allows the player to become really absorbed in the gameplay. It’s witty, and the complexity of the puzzles themselves make it very interesting and enjoyable to play. Although the second game doesn’t really offer anything different from the first, it’s worth remembering that this is a game of imagination and, as such, it provides as much fun as your imagination allows.



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