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We Sing Robbie Williams Review

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 18 - 2010

We Sing, developed by Nordic Games, becomes generally more interesting when you put one artist at the forefront. That artist being UK pop star Robbie Williams then gets us all singing to a rather poptastic and upbeat karaoke game. This game covers over ten years of his music career, allowing players to grab a microphone and sing along with him. The game is highly addictive as you try the best you can to sing with some of his finest and greatest performances. Even though I’ve listened to Robbie Williams since he started his pop career with Take That, I was actually quite shocked at how many songs he had performed as a solo artist. It’s hard to imagine now looking back that he started his singing career at the tender age of sixteen.


Playing the game is simple and there are many options to choose, from singing solo to party mode. You just grab a microphone, listen to the pitch and tone of the music and sing from the on screen lyrics. It’s all about rhythmn and tone at the end of the day and timing is crucial to getting the songs on key. As you sing into the microphone, your colour will light up to your lyrics. A blue timing bar flows across the screen and the lyrics to show you when to sing. This isn’t a game about perfection, but fun, so don’t worry if you’re slightly off key. You should have heard us all at the We Sing Robbie Williams event, nearly everyone had trouble keeping it in tune. If you do stray away from the right tone, a pitch bar will appear to alert you to whether you are indeed singing too high or low. When you’ve sung a successful note, you will then be rewarded with a gold colour bar that fills up.


During game play a series of special notes will appear on various sections of a song. Should you have the voice of a popstar and hit these notes perfectly, you will then receive a score bonus multipler for that particular note, depending on how well you sung. If you’re anything like me, it probably took a few attempts to get it just  right. I wasn’t born with excellent vocal chords, but I did give it my best shot. As you score points for your wonderful singing, the score at the top of the screen will keep rising and your final score is displayed at the end of each song. The game rewards you with words of wisdom from Robbie himself when you’ve completed a song well enough. The game also has a time bar which will decrease as a song plays. Once that time has run out, the song will end.  Every song has all the current lyrics for you to sing and follow, and you need to sing in time by matching the words as they fill up with colour. If you don’t fancy singing the entire song you have the option to sing a shorter version, which is available in the options.


We Sing Robbie Williams allows you to also queue up song after song on a playlist, which is useful if there are only particular songs you like and you don’t have to fuss around with the Wiimote choosing individual songs. Two or more players can perform together singing certain parts of the song as two sets of lyrics can be seen on screen at once. Or maybe you think you’re a bit of a singing diva and want to go head to head in versus mode. In this mode, everyone sings the same lyrics and whoever has the most points at the end of the song can probably carve themselves out a pop career, and wins. This isn’t the X-Factor, this is for fun. Players might want to mix around the game play a bit with Pass the Mic. In this session, players take turns showing off their singing ability with up to three other players. Each of those players takes a turn singing a section of the song before it switches to the next player, which is fun and frantic. Blind mode allows players to sing against each other, but with the disadvantage of the sound and lyrics disappearing. So unless you know your lyrics like the back of your hand, I wouldn’t  sing too loudly down the microphone. While you make your way through the various game play modes, you might want to step up the challenge a little more by playing on expert mode. In this mode, there are no pitch bars and no on screen lyrics to get you by and you have to work soley on your singing intution.

There are a series of lessons to help train your voice to match the notes and these notes are based on the Solfege scale: Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Si. The scale is moveable which means that you can start anywhere on the scale and go above or below. This is to allow deeper voice singers and higher voiced singers to play the lessons as they wish. There are 33 awards to achieve within the game and they are anything from unlocking medleys or your first playlist. The good thing about this game is that it gives you other choices apart from singing. The jukebox allows players to watch their favourite songs without the need to play the game. The videos are great to watch and give a good visual vibe to this upbeat karaoke game.


With the lack of DLC available for the We Sing games, players have to rely on the release of new game packages to get their “new song fix”, and the Robbie Williams edition provides this in spades. I am sure that Robbie is not to every-one’s taste, but the songs are unoffensive and the majority of people out there will know at least a few of his songs. If you are in the mood for a bit of tuneful warbling on the Wii, We Sing Robbie Williams ticks all the right boxes.



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