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Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama

Posted by TurtleGirl On December - 6 - 2010

Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama from 505 Games takes players on a new journey with the Cooking Mama series. In the past this modern day Mama has enjoyed gardening, making fine cuisine and even creating decorations and jewellery. But she’s on a new journey with Babysitting Mama on the Nintendo Wii. Mama has thrown away the oven mitts and gardening gloves to spend some valuable time looking after a baby. In her new adventure, Mama introduces players to a plushie baby that comes to life with the use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Players will have the chance to look after their very own real Cooking Mama Baby.

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Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama comes with a soft plushie baby with a difference. This baby has a Wii Remote shaped hole in it’s back, where the Wii Remote can be inserted. It sounds bizarre, but once the Wii Remote is inserted into the back of your cooking mama baby, your baby comes to life with gurgling noises and random crying. Check out GGUK’s You Tube video. The instructions are simple for inserting the Wii Remote, as the game shows you how to carefully place the Wii Remote into your baby and gives warnings not to shake your baby.

pic 5

The few instructions inform players on how to cradle the baby and hold the Nunchuk, Watching Mama’s on screen cues to gently rock the baby back and forth. You’ll be awarded with gold, silver and bronze for your efforts and Mama will praise you if you do it right. At first it was quite difficult to get used to the fact that you’re holding a doll that inevitably cries at you and the movements that you have to match with Mama have to be well placed and timed correctly. Once you’ve rocked the doll a few times and have become comfortable with being a babysitter, the game shows you how to burp the baby, which involves giving it simple pats on the back. Again, you’ve got to be quite precise and very gentle, any untoward movements flags a warning that you are not to shake the baby. During your babysitting days, you’ll have to keep your baby content and happy, which means activities such as using the Nunchuk as a rattle and shaking it a few times to get your baby’s undivided attention. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time, because Mama always gives you plenty of time to become accustomed to your baby’s wants and needs.

pic 6

Basically it’s a matter of watch and follow the instructions. Each baby session has a certain amount of games and each game has to be finished within a required time. If you don’t do so well in the game, players will get a cross and if you get three crosses the baby’s mood will go down which will have the baby crying and screaming for a little while. There are a wide selection of games to keep you entertained including milk time in which you must feed your baby with a bottle and this involved moving the Nunchuk stick back and forth and lifting the Nunchuk itself. After all that feeding and burping, you’ll need to change your baby’s nappy. Following the on screen directions, you’ve got to move the Nunchuk stick back and forth in time with mama and this will eventually enable you to piece together a nappy around your baby. Once baby has been fed, burped and changed we need to think about entertainment,  Otherwise your baby will sit in it’s cot and cry until you come running. Again using the Nunchuk, you must carefully move the stick within the guided green area in time with mama to listen and watch a mobile going around, playing it’s music to your hopefully content baby.

pic 3

There are stages within the game in which Mama will be called to an emergency or disaster. This allows players to come away from the doll and help a small child who has lost her socks or balloon. The socks game involved opening drawers of a dresser to find the matching pair and the balloon was found by moving the Nunchuk in an upwards direction in order for Mama to jump up a tree and collect it. Other events comprised of chasing Max the dog around the kitchen while wearing a chefs hat.  Moving Mama back and forth with the Nunchuk stick enabled her to race around the kitchen and eventually catch up with Max. We also saw Mama racing back to the kitchen in which a piece of meat was slowly burning in a frying pan. All these actions required immediate attention, after all Mama is a modern day lady who can multitask.

pic 2

The game involves unlocking a selection of different babies who all have different personalitities and needs. One of the games required me to quickly powder puff the bottom of many babies who were randomnly crawling over the nursery floor and the quite days in the park had me pushing a stroller back and forth to keep baby happy. As a babysitter, you’re often wondering what your baby will want to play with. A rattle comes to mind, even a soft cuddly toy, but no, my baby wanted to play with a newspaper. Sounds strange, and it was slightly odd, but players are asked to collect up the torn newspaper after baby has had their fun. Players are also rewarded with photograph moments in the gallery where you can see your baby enjoying food or just looking completely miserable. The babysitter’s guide allows you to play all the mini games that have been unlocked through the main game with hopefully the possibitlity of gaining gold each time, but it’s not always that easy. I thought the concept of using a doll and the Nintendo Wii remote is essentially a genius idea, even if the crying did annoy me a little bit. Young children will enjoy this game as long as adult supervsion is implented each time. Getting the Wii Remote into the doll wasn’t that easy and some of the games may need an adult to offer some help.

pic 4

If you have a second Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and another of the dolls, then two of you can play the mini games together to see who is the best babysitter. The crying maybe not be tolerable to parents and adults, so you may need to think about hiding the batteries for a while. My overiding conclusion about this game is that it definately gives a new concept to using the wii remote and nunchuk and even if your child doesn’t get on with the game itself, they can snuggle up with the plushie. It has a wide a variety of different activities for you and your child to enjoy, and gives a fun element to the word ‘babysitting’. Mama assists you from the early days of rocking your baby with her slightly annoying voice, to feeding your baby in a high chair. Although some of the movements with the doll were sometimes exaggerated from seriously rocking your baby forth to patting your doll on the back, and proved to be over sensitive at times, it does give quite interesting gameplay throughout.


After sowing seeds with Mama, crafting with Mama and cooking with Mama, I do wonder where else her talents lie. If you can prove you are the perfect babysitter in the Mama world, you’ll definetly be better than Mama…….vonderful!



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