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Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack

Posted by FuryAc3 On December - 6 - 2010

It’s been almost 3 months since Halo: Reach hit shop shelves and is a distant memory to many, especially since CoD: Black Ops thundered on to the consoles. But last week saw the release of the Noble Map Pack, the first map pack for Halo: Reach which adds 3 new maps to the game – Anchor 9, Tempest, and Breakpoint, each offering different size, settings, and play. The maps can be looked at as small, medium and large and make for a good combination for both slayer and objective game types. It also adds seven new achievements, worth an additional 250 gamer score to challenge skilled players. So is the Noble pack worth 800MSPoints of your hard earned cash?


Well the first map in the pack is Anchor 9, which is set on a space station and sees the fight take place in one of the stations multiple hangar bays, where several YSS-1000 Sabre fighters can be stored. This map is the smallest of the pack, but don’t think that’s a bad point as its small size makes for some great close quarter combat in game modes like Slayer and Stockpile. One of the main features of the map is that the end of the hanger bay is open and you can pass through a forcefield and fight in space. The map also has a good layout of weapons.


The next map in the pack is the medium sized one and is called Tempest. It is set around two forerunner bases. Both bases have UNSC machine-gun turrets at the front of them to repel attacks from the other team. Each base also has a pair of man cannons that equip players with a means of quick travel into the action. The centre of the map is very rocky which gives the attacking teams great cover, though the choke point is where the turrets are as this is wide open and makes easy kills for anyone manning the turrets. Also on this map you can use the Mongoose as both teams have one at their base and this will no doubt give a team the edge in a CTF game for fast snatch and grabs. While large enough to provide a good 4v4 objective game, Tempest will be better set for Big Team Slayer and CTF games than the smaller Anchor 9.


The last map in the pack is the largest one, called Breakpoint, and is set in an ONI research site. This map has the same look and feel of the area outside of Dr. Halsey’s lab in the level The Package from the campaign. This is the only map in the pack which lets you use most of Reach’s vehicles, like the Wraith, M12 FAV, Type-26 GSA and the UH-144 Falcon. This is also the only map that can be played in Invasion where you take the roll again of a defending Spartan force and an attacking Covenant force. The map is designed like a huge horseshoes and will see a team meeting at choke points where the Wraith can be found at the bottom of the map and in a tunnel where the sniper can be found.

So with three new maps, each with standout features which will add countless hours of multiplayer fun, this is a welcome addition to Reach and a sure fire hit for fans. It may even bring back players who have drifted to Black Ops and make them dust off their copy to lock and load their DMRs again.

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