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Kosmo Spin

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 7 - 2010

I often wonder at the sanity of iPhone game developers, they really do come up with some crazy ideas. Take the subject of this review, for example. In Kosmo Spin by Simogo, the objective is to rack up a high score by collecting breakfast foods. Well, that’s strange to start with. But when you also mention that there is an alien in a UFO also trying to get the foods, and that this alien keeps hurling various sports balls at the planet, it becomes apparent that the whole concept behind this game is crazier than Crazy Dave. And he is pretty crazy.


So, collecting breakfast foods is the order of the day. Our diminutive hero stands on an even more diminutive planet around which is deposited the various food stuffs. Using a finger, the player spins the planet, making the hero run along the outside, collecting things along the way. Get the food, score the points.

But nothing is ever that simple and the appearance of an alien with a passion for breakfast just makes everything that bit more difficult. The alien will use it’s tractor beam to grab food that our hero fails to collect. Should the hero be caught in this tractor beam, it is game over. Another weapon in the alien arsenal is the rampant use of sports balls, such as footballs or tennis balls. It launches these balls towards the planets surface and, should they hit the planet, the hero will be unable to move and thus at risk of being beamed up.


Fortunately, our hero is armed with a seriously tough head and will get points for deflecting these balls back into space, with even more points available should the deflected ball hit the alien. By collecting the breakfast foods and preventing the alien from getting his other worldly hands on them, the player fills a bar. Once filled, a bonus round is triggered where the entire planet is covered with food and the player must move quickly to gather as much as they can. Should the alien manage to snatch any food, the bar is emptied.

Kosmo Spin has a very distinctive visual style that may seem familiar to some of you out there. It has a cute, slightly patchwork look that is similar to upcoming XBLA game ilomilo from Southend Interactive. This is no coincidence mind you, as the guy behind the artwork for ilomilo is none other than Simon Flesser, one half of the team behind Kosmo Spin. In fact, for the eagle-eyed, watch the skies carefully and you will see ilo and milo fly past the planet. The detail that has gone into the game is outstanding and the game looks just as good on the iPad as on the smaller screen of the iPhone. The game is accompanied by a lovely soundtrack that is catchy enough to enjoy without being obtrusive.

Alongside the survival mode that has the player working towards their highest score, there are also quests to be had, 36 of them in fact. This quests offer simple objectives such as achieving a certain score, rebounding a number of balls or collecting a fixed amount of breakfast. The majority of the quests are fairly easy, although some will have the player pulling out there hair. All of the quests are available from the get go, so the player will likely find the difficult quests before finishing the easy ones. More quests would be nice in the future, as they don’t last too long an they are a lot of fun. Also, once completed, there is no reason to go back to a quest.


I am finding it very difficult to say anything negative about this game. It has the quick hit, pick up and play nature that works so well on the iPhone, along with the cute looks and easy gameplay that will attract players in the first place. If you combine all of this with Game Center leader boards and achievements, and a price of just 59p, you could easily be looking at the next App Store hit. I suggest that you pick up the game now, before everyone else finds out about it.



Kosmo Spin, by Simogo, is available on the App Store for just 59p

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