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Santa – Read This!

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 20 - 2010

Well, Christmas is nearly upon us. I hope that you have all sent out your Christmas lists to Santa and that you all get what you have asked for.

But some people have been far too busy playing video games to send off their letters and risk finding nothing in their stockings this year. This would be a terrible shame but luckily I happen to know that Santa visits our site quite regularly, in between checking the FaceBook status of kids to see if they have been naughty or nice and trying to find retailers that can fulfill his massive order for Kinect in time for Christmas.

So we have decided to publish some of the Christmas letters to Santa here on the site and hope that he has time to read them before the big day.

First up we have a Christmas request from Johnny Minkley, who has been far too busy working with BBC Radio One and EuroGamer to send off his list:


V.nerdy but I’d LOVE a working prototype of the never-released Konix Multisystem + Power Chair. Seemed amazingly exciting when I was little!


The inimitable Graeme Boyd, aka AceyBongos, Xbox Community Manager for Europe has made a simple request:


I’d ask for enough time to catch up on all the games I wanted to play over the past year but haven’t been able to. A couple of months should do it. Thanks Santa I love you.

However, Simon Flesser of Simogo, developers of the brilliant Kosmo Spin, has a few things on his wishlist:


To fast forward time to March 2011 so I can have my 3DS. Or to have his elves translate Tomodachi Collection… or magically make Excite Bots release in Europe. That would be a true Christmas miracle.


Craig Ting from EA has decided to do Santa a favour and save him some money:


I’d ask Santa for these slippers as he wouldn’t have to pay the shipping


Dan Sheridan of EA was straight to the point, knowing exactly what he wants for Christmas:




Whereas the guys over at Insert Coin Clothing are giving Santa a bit more to work with:


Kinect type things, NFS Hot Pursuit, GoldenEye on the Wii and Ueda to release The Last Guardian on Christmas Eve.


Of course, our writers here at GGUK have had no time to think about Christmas:


Dear Santa’s North Pole Base Of Operations,

Since I have been a very good boy, well mostly, this year and was wondering if you were not too busy, as I do know this is a busy time of year for you and your crew of hard workers, if you could see fit to send me some gaming goodies to keep me happy. Below is a little list of things that would be nice to have and to play with.

First and foremost I am wishing for a new PlayStation 3, for I fear my current console is about to YLOD on me.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, as with a shiny new console we need shiny new games to play. And what could be more fun than running around on the roofs of Rome assassinating the influential and powerful.

The Endor Pack and Costume Pack for The Force Unleashed 2 from the PSN Store, to both satisfy the Star Wars Geek within me and to improve and lengthen a fun yet short game from earlier this year.

The Expendables on Blu-Ray, so as I can sit back and watch mindless action instead of taking part in a game.

The Guinness Book Of Records Gamers Edition, so that I know what I have to do to beat the rest of the world and become the world’s greatest gamer.

A Case of Red Bull and many large packets of peanut M&M’s, as we all need sustenance during our long gaming sessions.

And if all else fails, and you decide that I have been a naughty boy this year, I will settle for a lump of coal and an orange or banana.

From Bazaboy



Dear Santa,

I hope this letter finds you well and you know I’ve been very good this year and not teabagged anyone or spawn camped at all in Black ops and Reach. I would like to ask if this Christmas I could get a copy of James Bond 007: Blood Stone on the 360? The game is from Bizarre Creations and is their last game as the studio has been closed by Activision. It is a third person shooter mixed up with driving sequences and sees you play as Daniel Craig’s 007, fighting in locations around the world, and even has a bond girl played by Joss Stone. I know it’s been over looked and fell off a lot of people’s radars, but as the final game form Bizarre Creations who have made some of my favorite games like The Club, PGR and Blur, I would really like to find it under the tree this year.

All the best



Dear Santa

Every year I get asked by family, friends and colleagues the hardest question of all “So, erm, what games do you want for Christmas this year?” They know I love games but also know the chances are whatever title they buy me I will have already played and traded it in. Either that or they’re worried what they pick out for me will be unbelievably lame and embarrass me should any of my “gaming friends who know about games” pop round and spy it on the shelf. So in what is becoming an annual ritual, I’m gonna sit right down and write my list of gaming wants.

This year, the list is looking like it might be the longest ever. Whole forests have been felled, the EU wells of reserve ink have been drained and I got cramp six times – in both hands and it’s still not complete. Thinking logically, I thought I’d make it easy and started to divide the big list into different platform sections then eventually I was going to try and organise each section with ‘most wanted’, ‘if you’re feeling flush’ and finally ‘only if all the other games are unavailable’ headings… but seriously, it was taking so long and was taking up valuable gaming time.

Top of the list at the moment is Kinect for Xbox 360. It looks fun and I enjoyed throwing some shapes with the GGUK team as we boogied to Dance Central at the Eurogamer Expo this year but I’ve yet to get around to buying myself one. Perhaps it’s because there isn’t a Kinect title that really appeals to me or maybe it’s the thought of having something else to dust as I’m sure I’ll get bored quickly of having to stand up to play games. This is a classic won’t-buy-one-for-myself-but-would-be-really-chuffed-if-someone-else-bought-one-for-me item on the list. Totally Scrooge I know but until you plant a money tree in my garden Santa, this will always remain the case.

Other items on the list this year include lots more titles I haven’t quite got round to buying for myself but would probably enjoy if I gave them a chance. Some I’ve played short previews or demos of and include Enslaved (adrenaline rush), Donkey Kong Country Returns (fond memories of playing Donkey Kong 64 so am curious to play with the monkey again), The Sims 3 (countless hours spent on the PC playing the original Sims titles were completely wiped out with a ghastly Blue Screen of Death this month so it’s probably time to catch up with the green halo people pets on a different console), Epic Mickey (it’s Christmas, of course there’s a Disney title on the list), Super Scribblenauts (perfect for long journeys if you can tear me away from Mahki on Touchmaster– which I’m still totally addicted to and am seeking advice from the BBC) and perhaps Rock Band 3 in order to really welcome in the New Year with a bang (or should that read band?) Haha!

What I would actually really REALLY like is a million Microsoft Points to grab some of the amazing DLC that’s been released for some of the biggest titles of 2010 – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Fable 3, Red Dead Redemption etc. There have been some awesome Avatar items (Light Sabres – enough said) and some brilliant XBL Arcade titles that I will also put on the list – Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light DLC, Monkey Island with new graphics plus I love the indie games section so could easily spend a million before the Queen finishes her speech.

I’d like a black Wii controller – no, I don’t need another controller but the black one just looks cool or anything to make my rechargeable battery routine easier is most welcome. I also have my eye on a fancy Speedlink Board Bag for the WiiFit board but that’s probably more to do with my other obsession – handbags. I love gaming accessories or video game art sticking out of my stocking Christmas morning.

And so the list goes on. I could ask each of my friends, family and colleagues to each choose one or two items off the list but it would still be impossible to get everything and with this sudden realisation, I get writers block. What do I put on this list? With around 600 games released in the UK this year, how do I narrow it down to a realistically attainable list? How do I begin to prioritise what should be at the top of the list and if a Christmas miracle should happen and I get bought every title, how would I have time to play all these games anyway?

Perhaps Santa, I don’t want anything but to avoid any Red Rings of Death and to be able to continue to enjoy the games I do have and share this enjoyment with others on GGUK…?

Nah who am I kidding, back to the list and yes, Santa you ARE going to need a bigger sleigh…


Festive Wishes, From Tracey


Well, there you have it, Santa. Hopefully you will be able to find it in your heart to deliver some of these gifts to these hard-working gamers. I am sure that they have all been good and are looking forward to a gaming filled festive period.

But what do I want? Well, I am glad that you asked Santa. Get comfortable, you may be here for a long time…


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