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Worms: Battle Islands

Posted by TurtleGirl On December - 13 - 2010

As soon as you hear the music and watch those mischievous, suicidal worms light up your PSP, you know you’ll be going on a seriously, and often ridiculously, funny journey.


I’ve played Worms by TEAM17 from it’s very first day back on the PC. TEAM17 have introduced the game to the PSP with Worms Battle Islands. After you’ve had a bellyfull of laughter from the animation cutscene and Hawaii-5-0 style music, you’re welcomed by your chief of staff who will be at your service throughout the game. He’s like a corporal worm and you’re his new recruit, and he’ll be assigning you four troops. These worms insist on world domination. Players start out in a base of operations where they need to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings. Corporal worm allows players to choose from six locations to build their base which include; Desert Installation, Jungle Outpost, Nuclear Test Site, Artic Station, Underwater Lab and Chemical Plant. Remember you’ve got to train very hard and defeat the enemy, and as your strength grows you’ll have access to more abilities, crazy deadly strategies and hopefully a team of worms that can survive the outcome. Players start off as ‘Newbie’ worms, but as you progress, so does your rank. The game is set up into missions and the player can commence training, start a campaign, puzzle and time attacks.


If you’re new to the game of Worms, Corporal worm will show you the basics before he shoves you into the art of war. He shows players how to move around the landscape and negotiate all of those difficult obstacles along the way. The game is very simple and players move left and right by pressing the right and left directional buttons and the square buttons allows your worm to jump forward, hopefully not plummeting to his death. Pressing the square button twice in succession allows your worm to be a complete show off and do a back-flip, which is highly entertaining. Hearing the worms voices is absolutely hilarious.


As a new recruit, I would advise looking around the war zone before battle commences.This gives you a better insight into how the land is positioned and whether your worms are in firing range.Simply moving the direction stick, you get a bird’s eye view of the land. The right and left buffer allow you to zoom in and out of your environment, which is always handy. Access to your worms weapons and utilities is done by using the circle button and going through a series of tabs. Worms Battle Islands offers players a nice selection of customizable weapons from a close up and personal Shotgun to one of my favourites which is the awesome airstrike. There’s nothing better than blowing up the enemy worms with one foul swoop. The Bazooka is another incredibly powerful weapon, but it is affected by the wind. The wind gauge shows you which way the wind is blowing and how strong it is. The wind changes with each turn, so keep an eye on that when you’re playing. Dynamite is another one of those interesting weapons to deploy, with the player placing the stick of dynamite near an enemy and trying and do a quick slide away before it detonates in 5 seconds. Again, you’ve got to time it well or your loving bright pink worm will be blown to smithereens. Ewww..


After you’ve become accustomed to your weaponry, it’s time to start a battle on the islands. After-all, you’re a worm on a mission and the mission is war. Each player takes their turn to deploy a weapon in order to destroy the enemy. During your game stats are saved including how much XP you have gained, average damage done per turn, your favourite weapon of choice and what you are most vulnerable to, which is informativeve for the player. Each island has it’s very own war room in which a series of objects are set up, such as the Satellite dish which reveals things like the positioning of mines, oil drums, electromagnets or Sentry Guns. The Object Teleporter in which you can transport objects and place them strategically. The air base which is a very offensive ability and allows you to call in an air strike right at the very start of the match. Just make sure your pink friends are out of the way. The runway allows you to send your troops with parachutes strapped to their back and jump in straight away to take advantage of the situation. The stockpile allows players to add extra weapons or utilities to the inventory. The more powerful the weapon, the less you can take with you.


Personally I spent more time in campaign mode than in puzzle or time attack mode because I felt it was the most interesting. During my time in campaign mode I managed to defeat the islands and earn myself some rewards. The game is hugely customizable which means when you’ve won various masks, helmets and other attire, you can then kit your worm out. I especially liked the little Santa hats that my worms acquired during their adventures. Your worms appearance can be changed from your average plain pink to awesome super pink and other colours, so your worm stands out from the rest. Nothing stands out more than a bright pink worm wearing a Santa’s hat. In the event of your worms untimely death, and it will happen because these worms are stupid and suicidal, they will need gravestones. The player can unlock a selection of gravestones for their worms sad departing from this strange and oddly bizarre world. Worms can dance, and they do it so well in this game which is another neat feature. Dance Central eat your heart out. Your worms enjoy screaming and shouting random things at the enemy such as ‘Get with the program’ and ‘Direct hit’ which is always hilarious and entertaining, so you can enjoy them ranting throughout the game with a wide variety of  squeeky voices.


The games permits players to play Worms Battle Island online via Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Mode and you can even team up with a friend and play versus mode. The game modes allow you to participate in Deathmatch, Tactics, Forts, Racing and Triathlon. Each enjoyable with a certain amount of evilness and strategy, but the Tactics mode deserves a special mention due to its “grab and run” style gameplay that brings something new to the game.


Worms Battle islands is certainly a worthwhile investment for your money. The game offers such an incredible selection of gameplay from playing solo to teaming up with friends. These worms have all the firepower they need to bring you a staggering and stunning game which brings with it a whole host of customization and online playability. Team17 have added the right balance of fine graphics, with increasingly difficult but often entertaining gameplay. If you’re a keen player of the original game, then let battle commence and buy what is a thoroughly enjoyable game with your favourite pink friends. Worms Rule!



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