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3DS At Amsterdam 2011

Posted by TurtleGirl On January - 25 - 2011

As the plane touched down in Amsterdam at the Schiphol Airport, the excitement and anticipation of actually having a play on the Nintendo 3DS was starting to become a reality.


Every gamer, journalist and geek from around the globe wanted to have that opportunity to try out the ‘Nintendo 3DS’ handheld system. Arriving at our hotel we were all greeted by the famous plumbers Mario and Luigi, which was totally unexpected. After a quick cuddle from the awesome duo and photo opportunity, we all headed for a quick buffet, checked in and dropped our luggage into our luxurious 4 star hotel rooms. After a quick briefing, we were given our special Nintendo 3DS wristband and headed out to the Exhibition Hall for the press conference. Upon arrival, we we weren’t quite sure if the driver knew where the hall was or he just wanted us to walk that little bit further. It was all quite funny really as he parked half way down a barren track. We all looked at each other with confused looks, but we eventually made it.


The Exhibition Hall was divided up into various gameplay areas and the main auditorium. Luckily I managed to find a really decent seat in the 2nd row where I hooked up with James from Nintendo Life and Adam from Cubed3. The comfortable seats allowed us to have a really clear view of the stage area. A few cameras, TV crews and Nintendo management were setting up for the live stream. And everyone was getting ready for the opening European announcement from Nintendo. Most of you have probably seen the main presentation via the Nintendo Press Conference video but I just wanted to add how highly excited and happy I was to be there for this momentous occasion for Nintendo.


Jonathan Ross was the main presenter and was highly entertaining. One thing he said that made me laugh so much was when he asked ‘When are we going to get an Animal Crossing versus Street Fighter Game?’, which made eveyone laugh. He presented the show well alongside other representatives from the video games industry. We were given a huge amount of information regarding the 3DS, which you’ve probably heard a thousand times or more by now. But I wanted to share the basics, so we have all the ground covered, which you can find here.


Once the presentation was over, everyone piled into the Game Play Area which had been divided up into various gaming sections. Everything in the area was very white, almost as though someone had come into the game area with a heavy bucket of dulux white emulsion and gone mad. It was amazing to see and looking around there was a park area where white benches had been placed, along with an accumulation of hot dog, popcorn, burger, pancake, and pizza stands. In the far corner, in the distance, I could see the Nintendo 3DS bus, very fancy.

You could jump on board the dark bus, which was just lit up with red lights, and play Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D edition. I played on the game for a little while, but it became very busy and people were hoping on and off like there was no tomorrow. It was pretty amazing to say the least. Walking around, I found the Pet Shop section which allowed people to play Nintendogs and Cats.


A special area was set up which allowed people to see the Nintendo 3DS showing various video game trailers, including Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Paper Mario and 17 others. That was awesome because it gave you a chance to see how well the games looked during gameplay. The Dojo Ono section showed Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition which you could play. I spent a great deal of time in the No. 3D section which had LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars and Super Monkey Ball 3D. Those games were brilliant and you can find my preview of the LEGO game here [link]. These games truly brought a smile to my face, because they played so well on the 3DS and I was amazed by the graphics. The AR Café hosted the AR Games which allowed us to see augmented reality for the first time and play Kid Icarus: Uprising.


Making my way through the various booths, I realised that I had been in there for some hours and the day was coming to an end. There were developer round tables going on throughout the day in which Konami, Tecmo Koei and Capcom were giving their presentations. Luckily I was able to get into each and everyone of them, which I found interesting. I think I may be transcribing forever. During the evening Basement Jaxx performed in the main game area, although there had been rumors that it was going to be Jedward. We didn’t stop too long due to the exhibition hall being absolutely freezing. We all headed back to our hotel rooms where we could find some comfort and warmth. On arriving in my hotel room I was surprised to see a black Nintendo 3DS goodie bag at the end of my bed packed with ‘RED BULL’, a bottle of champagne , chocolates and other yummy delicious items, which you can see here via my Twitpic. They were greatly appreciated. My apologies for the photos not being very focused, I seriously need a new camera.

The event was an amazing opportunity and I want to thank Nintendo on behalf of everyone at GGUK for the incredibly awesome and fun time we had.

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