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Greed Corp (PC)

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 4 - 2011

It seems like a lifetime since I played Greed Corp on the Xbox360 and, in a change from the usual PC strategy to console conversion, this little strategy title has now come to the PC via Steam. Those who have not played the game may be wondering how good a strategy game can be if it appeared on the home consoles before arriving on the PC. But hold off you doubts, at least whilst I explain what it’s all about.


When reduced to it’s most simple, Greed Corp is a strategy game featuring four different factions fighting for domination over a constantly shrinking battlefield. The playing area is made up of hexagonal tiles at different heights. As the combatants mine resources, for building units etc, these tiles drop in height and are eventually destroyed, leaving huge holes in the battlefield and removing from play anything that was on that tile. I can’t help but feel that there is an environmental message hidden in there somewhere.

Players take it in turns to perform their actions. There are only a few units in the game, keeping it nice and simple. Although each faction has a different look to their units, they are essentially the same, putting everyone on the same level. The most common unit is the Walker, which is the only moveable unit in the game. Each turn these Walkers can move onto unclaimed or enemy territory to claim it as their own. Of course, if there are any enemy units on the tile, then combat will take place.


Again, combat is kept simple. Players can stack upto 16 Walkers together and then conflict is won by whoever has the most Walkers on the tile in question. If player one has ten units and player two has eight, the tile will be won by player one who will have two units remaining on the tile. It really is that easy, or so you would think…

Perhaps the most important unit is the Harvester. When placed on a tile, this stationary unit will harvest resources from it, along with all of the surrounding tiles. This will happen each turn, until either the tile is destroyed or the Harvester is set to self-destruct, which also results in the destruction of the tile but less damage to surrounding tiles. This is where the strategy really comes into play as the player requires these resources to gather more territory, but doing so reduces their territory. It also opens the possibility of using the Harvester to damage or destroy opposing tiles and units.


Other units include the barracks required to build Walkers, a stationary cannon that can do serious damage to tiles over a distance, but requires expensive ammunition, and the most expensive transport units that can take Walkers across the huge gaps in the map created by mining, to enemy territory. These airlifts are incredibly expensive but a necessity as there may be no other way to wipe out that last piece of enemy resistance.

The game itself is very easy to learn, especially with the expansive tutorials provided, but like a lot of the best games, will take a fair while to master. Putting everyone on an even playing field ensures that the game requires proper strategic skill rather than just amassing the most powerful army in the shortest time.

The game features a 24 mission campaign and a massive 36 different multiplayer maps. As a rather handy feature, the game allows you to play the single player game whilst finding opponents for a multiplayer match, meaning much less thumb-twiddling.


Featuring a really nice visual style, decent soundtrack, involving gameplay and quite a lot of content, Greed Corp is a well-rounded package. But when you consider the asking price of just £7.99 on Steam (or £3.99 as of writing this), it becomes apparent what a bargain this game is. For strategy gamers who like to plot and plan ahead, W!Games has come up with possibly the perfect package.




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