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Persona 4 Takes to the stage

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Kirby’s Blowout Blast Launches July 6 in North America

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Klipsch Also Offering PS4 Wireless Headset

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Kid Icarus: Uprising Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On January - 25 - 2011

GGUK test out their wings with Kid Icarus: Uprising



Kid Icarus: Uprising on the Nintendo 3DS offers the third instalment of the Kid Icarus series, bringing fast paced action and adventure to the Nintendo 3DS with gameplay that involves aerial and ground shooting. Kid Icarus: Uprising follows the hero, Pit, as he battles with the forces of a reborn Medusa. Pit will be able to utilize the ability of flight, granted by Palutena, to soar through the air. The player has a basic choice of weapons including blades and claws.

Begining the game, as it’s only a demo, you’re introduced to Kid Icarus flying through the air with a bunch of enemies coming towards you. He moves effortlessly and easily through the sky while trying to avoid being killed by the enemies ahead.


Whilst on the ground in the up built 3d environment, controlling Kid Icarus took some time to get used to and felt a little clumsy at times. Basically you move Pit around with the circle pad, while doing a juggling act with the stylus. Using the stylus on screen you can change your view and target enemies while trying to destroy them by using either of the shoulder buttons to shoot. It took a few attempts to master the skills of using the stylus and I found myself frantically tapping the screen in an effort to pinpoint the enemies. Pit can also try and evade enemies should the gamer wish to play more defensively. The  screen soon fills up with giant red menacing eyeballs hovering in front of you, along with a vast selection of creatures which are out for your blood.


During the gameplay, the 3D graphics were great, if a little bit distracting at times and I turned the 3D depth slider down to see if playing in 2D would make a significant difference. For my personal experience it felt easier to play, even though I resorted to turning it back up so I could see the full effects. You spend so much time being pulled in by all of the prettiness that the game has to offer in the background, that it is easy to forget that you’re trying to battle enemies in the foreground. Something that I noticed was that the graphics came across as a little faded and washed out.

Whilst it’s an absolutely amazing game and shows off the 3D effect amazingly well, I did find myself trying to tackle the problem of using the stylus, circle pad and shoulder buttons all at the same time rather fiddly. Learn to multitask and you’ll be able to nail this game and play it to it’s true potential. Get it wrong and you could see yourself having to restart the game.

It was fun to play and I loved the fact that Kid Icarus has been brought to our screens once again, now in glorious 3D.

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