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Marvel Superheroes 3D: Grandmaster’s Challenge

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 13 - 2011

The evil Grandmaster forces a group of five superheroes to participate in a game that may well be more dealy than they realise.

Marvel Superheroes 3D: Grandmaster’s Challenge from Bigben Interactive is a game that comes exclusively to the Wii and offers youngsters the chance to pick their favorite hero, from the five available, and battle it out to escape the Grandmasters fiendish game. The available heroes, Spiderman, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man and Thor, have been taken against their wishes and are being forced to take part in a game for the pleasure of the evil Grandmaster. It’s going to be a long day…


Up to four players can join in and then each of the five heroes, either controlled by players or AI, take it in turns to move around a board of sorts, with each hero having their own lane. At the end of everyone’s turn, the heroes then attack the dome, which is their means of escape. Any heroes that are in the same row can team up to receive a damage bonus and any of the heroes can spend an orb to do extra damage.

These orbs are given out by Grandmaster each turn and by completing the challenges. The orbs may be used to move extra spaces as well as do extra damage, as there is a force field type thing following them around the board and if all five heroes get caught by this randomly moving field, then it is game over.

The challenges are initiated by landing on a particular type of space on the board and will see the player be whisked off to fight an enemies in different environments and will see the players facing off against an array of popular supervillains. These encounters will require the player to mimic the moves shown on-screen relatively quickly, such as swiping the controllers to the left or right, thrusting them forward or pointing them up.


Interestingly, the game ships with five masks, one for each of the heroes, which contains the lenses for the old-style 3D glasses in the eye sockets. Whilst wearing these, the player can hit the options button and turn on 3D, giving the game a 3D effect without the need for a fancy TV. Unfortunately, I found that the 3D effect was largely unimpressive, offering the most minimal 3D effect that was reminiscent of when the effect was first tried on national television all those years ago. Some scenes, such as flying through space at high speed, worked better than others. But for the most part I was quite happy to turn the effect off.

But that is not where the problems ended for this game. The overall graphics seemed to be very blurry and dull. Whilst the heroes were represented very well within the game, this lack of sharpness simply took the edge off everything. The soundwork as well seemed minimal and did nothing to improve the overall atmosphere.

Where the game falters the most though, is actually in the playing of the game itself. It is just rather monotonous. Moving around a board is hardly exciting, but being whisked away to do nothing but follow on-screen prompts, or make simple movements with the WiiMote, is just dull. It is nice to see our favorite heroes and villains in another game, but this really does not do them justice. There is no variety and youngsters will get bored of the game very quickly.

Which is a shame as the older gamer will probably not look twice at this title as the packaging, and inclusion of the masks, screams out that this game is aimed at the young gamers. It all looks very good from the outside and many children will find their parents picking this title up for them. But, with all of the promise of a good game in 3D, I feel that most players will be very disappointed.


Marvel Superheroes 3D: Grandmaster’s Challenge is a game that is packaged and marketed for the young gamer. However, the gameplay itself has very little that will keep their interest. At best, one could hope that they will poke out the 3D lenses from the masks and run around the garden pretending to be the superheroes that they admire.




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