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Megamind: Ultimate Showdown

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 10 - 2011

Another animated movie, another game that tries to cash in on the hype. Welcome to Megamind: Ultimate Showdown.

I don’t know whay they do it. Actually I do know why they do it, for the money. But it still doesn’t make sense. Surely it would be worth putting in a little more effort and releasing a movie tie-in game that actually left people impressed, just for a change. But instead, they release a game that is rushed out to cash in on the hype of the movie with little or no consideration for the gamer.


Which is exactly what has happened with Megamind: Ultimate Showdown. The game is not actually based around the story from the movie and instead revolves around the evil-genius turned hero trying to retrieve his DNA tracking device from The Doom Syndicate. Helping him in his quest is his sidekick, called sidekick, and his selection of gadgets.

All of which could have resulted in an interesting game were it not for the fact that everything is so repetitive. The player uses a map on the wall of their lair to travel to different areas of the city in which The Doom Syndicate are wreaking havoc and then will go about traversing that level, with some well thrown in jumping, whilst hitting or shooting the enemies, of which their is little variety. Occasionally the player may need to interact with some stuff as well, but that is pretty much all there is to the game.

Which in itself would not be too bad. The shooting, although slightly monotonous, works quite well and is satisfying enough by itself. But the jumping action is flawed with some very annoying camera angles and complete lack of depth perception, making what is generally an easy game, rather frustrating.


From a presentation point of view, the game looks good, managing to recreate the feeling of the film in looks at least. But the voice acting is another place where it becomes obvious that the develpers rushed the tile. None of the actors from the movie have returned to provide voices, which is a real shame. The voice actors that were used do a decent enough job, but by then the whole illusion is spoilt.

The player collects little orbs throughout the levels that allow them to upgrade their weaponry and gadgets, which is nice, and another player can jump into the action and play as sidekick should they wish. There are a few instances where the gameplay is mixed up a little, such as the use of the giant battle suit or Megamind’s vehicle to race around the streets. But these little breaks in the shooty/fighty action are few and far between.

But then, as the game is really not that long, these moments of variety tend to stick in the mind. As for replayability, there really is not much to warrant the player coming back for more.


In the world of movie tie-in video games, Megamind: Ultimate Showdown is certainly not the worst that I have seen, but that is hardly a glowing recommendation. Ultimately, the game is aimed at fans of the movie and most of those fans will be children. The younger gamers out there may find this title distracting for a while, especially when played in co-op. But for any gamer with any sort of experience, there is very little here to get excited about.




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