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Truth or Lies

Posted by Tambo On January - 10 - 2011

I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

With round bellies full of Elizabeth Shaw mints, the inevitable question of “Shall we play a game?” was uttered during the festive season. Tested out with 3 close friends, this title is a great way to be embarrassed for an hour or so in the evening.


Using a microphone, the aim of the game is to get more points than your competitors simply by telling the truth. The more truthfully you answer questions, the bigger your score (and vice versa) and it’s all done by magic! Okay, so that’s a lie. Actually, the game works as a lie detector machine would – you have to calibrate your voice by answering 3 questions truthfully and then purposely lying on the next three questions as you register as a player. It’s actually quite sensitive and unless you take this section seriously, it will not respond accurately to your answers later on – cue much protestation as someone who swears they are telling the truth as it flashes up ‘lie’ realises their voice is not calibrated or being analysed properly – but this is also just as much if not more fun. One of the questions you have to lie about in the calibration test asks, “Are you a Male and can you prove it?” so you can see where we’re heading here.

You can have up to 16 players (you all pass round the mic) and there are kids, teens, adults, couples and families sections (with restricted content options in the main menu), and each player is assigned a nickname, all of which are terrible like ‘Pumpkin’ or ‘Tweets’. A Normal game with 2 players lasts about 15 mins and each question has a 10 second time limit in which to answer. You have to keep talking during these 10 seconds until the bar at the bottom of the screen is full (no single worded answers allowed) which is easier said than done as your mind boggles. It then analyses your response and works out whether you are a saint or a sinner then gives you some points.


Over the rounds, to prevent the content feeling repetitive or stagnant, the questions are varied into personal, either/or and opinion categories – What colour and style of underwear are you wearing? Would you rather cry porridge or sneeze marbles? Whose bathroom do you think is the dirtiest, yours or your friends? The last one was a bit cringe as I attempted a lie and said mine… whilst staying at said grubby bathroom friends house and it knew! At the end of a round, the most truthful and untruthful answers are replayed back for all your friends to listen again which is yet more cringe but very funny.

However, the REAL fun lies in the Hot Seat option where instead of the game posing questions for you to answer, someone else in the room does. Here is where you can release your inner Jeremy Kyle and make your friends blush or weep, it’s only limited by the power of your imagination and helps makes the game more than a run-through-it-once affair. If there are any questions that particularly make you squirm, you are given 3 skip options but once they’re gone they’re gone and you can bet your life the next question you have to answer is the worst of the game. Of course you could always stay quiet – surely it wouldn’t reward that? Wrong! This game doles out Gamerpoints like they’re raindrops during a monsoon and not answering a question gets you some seriously big G. Truth be told, you can get G for doing hardly anything – 20G for registering your name with another 20G for calibrating your voice. That’s 40G for just switching the game on which should be reason enough to give it a go.


Overall, Truth or Lies is cheeky, easy to play and suitable for players of all ages and moral standing though hearing what your friends really think of your cooking/new haircut/partner/ etc. or revealing that you would leave your first born on a desert island if the price was right might come as a shock – great fun!




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