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Hysteria Project 2

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 9 - 2011

Subject 13 returns to torment and leaves you well acquainted with the Game Over screen.

It has been a while since I reviewed the original Hysteria Project. Whilst the gaming side of things I felt was a little bit lacking, the pure entertainment value was actually quite high. I did, however, make the mistake of playing the game on the big screen through the PS3, rather than on my PSP as was intended. This kind of watered down the effect somewhat, making the scary moments slightly less so.


But this time around, with the new Hysteria Project 2 on the iPhone, I decided to do everything by the book and plug in the headphones for a fully immersive experience. Best described as an interactive movie, Hysteria Project 2 from BULKYPIX finds the player once again in a life or death struggle with a hooded mad man who seems intent on killing you. And kill you he will, over and over again.

The movie part of the game is very well done, managing to provide a suitably creepy atmosphere for the action to take place in. I am no movie critic, but if I were I would probably have a few words to say about the acting or the camera work. But, as I say, I am not a movie critic and to my untrained eyes everything was top notch, albeit with a B-movie feeling about it. The sound work does an excellent job, especially with the suggested headphones plugged in, of keeping the player on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next shock.


The game side itself is more apparent than in the first game, yet there is still not enough gaming to please most players. The gaming that is there generally involves some simple puzzle solving and quick decision making. It really is not that involved, and it is not particularly difficult, once you know what to do.

Which is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the game. Time and time again, the player is thrown into a situation with absolutely no idea of what to do. What makes this worse is the fact that a lot of the time there is only a small window of opportunity to work things out before a sudden and violent death.

Right from the get go, the player finds themselves bound to a gurney. After a short scene, it becomes apparent that the player must escape quickly. After a matter of a couple of seconds trying to decide what to do, the crazed murderer burst into the room and killed me. Game over. The second time around I managed to struggle with the bindings once before the psychopath hacked me into little pieces. You had better get used to the Game Over screen, as you will be seeing it often.


But, for all of it’s problems, Hysteria Project 2 is still a good, fun romp. It is better than the first game, but my original feelings still remain the same. If you can view Hysteria Project 2 as simple entertainment, and you are the type of person who enjoys a good horror B-movie, then chances are you will enjoy this. If you are a gamer looking for a gaming experience, keep on browsing.



Hysteria Project 2 is available on the App Store for just £1.19


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