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Posted by FuryAc3 On February - 4 - 2011

This time I will be reviewing a game that will have you going out of your mind. The game in question is Mindjack, which is developed by Feelplus, published by Square Enix and is out on both the 360 and PS3. The game plans to change the way you look at single player and multiplayer gaming by putting a twist on a standard format. So is Mindjack a mastermind? Or is it just brain dead?


Well Mindjack is set in 2031, and sees a much different world from that of today. The world’s governments are in decline and new corrupt organizations are taking over as the super powers. The main story focuses on Jim Corbin, an FIA agent who is looking for Rebecca Weiss and it all starts  with him tracking her down at an airport. Soon after this it all kicks off and the next 9 to 10 hours becomes a roller-coaster ride with more twists and turns than a blockbuster thriller.

The thing that makes Mindjack stand out from crowd is the ability to hack, more on which later, but the one thing that was a little bit confusing about the story is that your trying to stop it from happening, yet you use it on every level from start to finish. On top of this, for the first six or seven levels the story is quite hard to follow in that it is all over the place. But it does get back on track in the later levels of the game.


Mindjack is a third-person shooter which plays like lots of other third-person shooters with the standard run and stick to cover mechanic. You get to use an arsenal which includes the likes of SMGs, sniper rifles and rocket launchers, which again are all standard fair when it comes to third person shooters. Now, that’s where the standard things end as the game is all about hacking and being able to take over other NPCs.

While in the hack mode you can float around the battlefield as a red or blue cloud allowing you to see things to take over (I say things as you are not limited to just human) then all you have to do is look at them, press RT and in seconds you take over that body. It plays a lot like the hot swap feature that Battlefield Modern Combat used a few years ago.


So what can you hack into? Well you can jump into enemy troops, mechs and battle apes, all of which can give you an edge in the game. On top of hacking into the units, if you’re fighting a group of enemies and take one down, you can enslave them. This is another form of hack which brings them back to life but now they’re fighting for you. So in a fight fire when you are just by yourself, you can soon turn the tables and have a team of 4 fighting alongside you.

For all the good ideas and features the game has, it does have a few problems such as the aiming which is mounted on the right hand side. This means that if you’re in cover, more often than not you’ll see a shot but can’t land the kill because the gun isn’t clear of cover. This does get annoying after a time as it forces you to leave cover in the heat of a fight, just so you can land the kill.


The game is set in the future, so the general look of the game is clean and crisp. It borrows a style and look from the likes of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. You’ll fight in locations like grimy backstreets, dock fronts and high rise buildings.

The biggest selling point of the game is definitely the multiplayer side of things as this is the most unique feature. At the very start you are asked if you want to host or hack another player’s game. If you host you will play through the campaign and at any stage up to six other players can join as friend or foes. Not only does this change the whole mechanic of the game, but also the way the campaign plays out. For example, if you play a level by yourself it may take anywhere between five and ten minutes to complete, whereas if you play it while online and other players join, it becomes more like twenty-five to thirty minutes to finish a level.


If you choose to hack another players game you are given the choice to be blue team (allies) or red team (foes). Having chosen your side you are launched into the game where the red team can take over any of the NPC’s on the map, but the blue team can only take over the two main characters or any enslaved enemies. This is a great mode and is definitely a way that campaigns in other games could bridge the gap between online and offline.

The only bad point about this mode is that sometimes some levels only have three or four characters which means players are left floating around until this stage is cleared. Also, when a stage is clear you are forced to leave the NPC you have hacked and lose all your weapons and ammo.


Overall, Mindjack is a fun game that brings something new to the table. Although the package lacks polish, the core gameplay of the game is fun and while playing with other people, this shines through. The game is definitely worth a look, but this depends on if the online side of things takes off, because that is where the most fun is to be found.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste!





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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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