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Modern Combat: Domination

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 14 - 2011

Small screen shooter comes to the big screen.

Gameloft are responsible for some of the best games on mobile gaming platforms. They seem to have mastered the art of creating games that are impressive in both looks and controls. Yet a lot of their games are lacking in one important category – originality. Let’s face it, a lot of the best Gameloft games are simply clones of other successful franchises. Which is alright, nothing wrong with that. As long as the game is fun, why should I care?


As they start to turn their extreme talents to the bigger consoles, one would wonder if maybe something original will come along. Not this time, it would seem. Modern Combat: Domination not only carries with it a name that could confuse some people, but also has a lot in common with the Call of Duty franchise and, perhaps more so, the classic PC shooter Counter-Strike.

Domination is all about the online play. There are a small number of maps across which the player can play in various different modes that seem to be pulled straight out of every other shooter around. These can be played with up to 16 people, allowing for some simple shooting fun. Those gamers out there who are not that keen on playing online in this manner had best look elsewhere. The game does offer a single player game, but in reality this is nothing more than the online game with bots replacing other human players.


Besides running around shooting your mates, Domination keeps the player coming back by offering bigger and better equipment. This has to be bought before matches with cash made from kills. Jumping straight into the game will be easy for anyone who plays FPS games, as the controls are pretty much how you would expect. The only exeption here is if the player decided to take advantage of the PlayStation Move compatibility. Similar to playing shooters on the Wii, the player is able to use the analog stick for movement, with the Move controller being used for aiming and shooting. This is a great novelty and certainly a lot of fun, but the lack of precision and “skittishness” of the movement will see most player going back to their tried and tested controllers.


Visually the game is very impressive. The maps that are available are both well thought out and look great, and everything flows well, which is what you would want from a shooter. The same can be said for the gameplay. It all flows very well and offers a lot of fun, for what it is. It is not a big and impressive franchise title, but a small, downloadable shooter that offers the simple joy of being able to shoot your buddies in a controlled environment. And it does that very well.

I could quite easily pick holes in the game, but I think that would be missing the point. Domination is being offered at the throw away price of just £6.29. That is less than the cost of buying a decent movie, and if you are a FPS fan this will certainly entertain you for much longer. It may be small and not exactly packed to the gills with content, but for that price I can’t complain.


Which is the whole point, know what you are getting and you will have no room to complain. Modern Combat: Domination is a competent online shooter in a modern setting, without any of the bells and whistles. If that is your sort of thing, then the asking price only makes it sweeter.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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