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Pucca Noodle Rush Review

Posted by TurtleGirl On February - 21 - 2011

Pucca Noodle Rush by BigBen Interactive is a cute iphone game. I recall Pucca being seen everywhere on merchandise in the early 80’s as the favourite Korean iconic character.

The story mode on the iphone revolves around rich Texans Lugie and Sloppy Sue who arrive at Sooga Village who want to build a fast food restaurant opposite Goh-Rong which is Puccas restaurant which she runs with her three uncles. These texans want to take control of the village and want to bet that they can earn the most money in 50 days. However, the loser who doesn’t fill the required amount will have to close up their restaurant and move out of Sooga village.

pucca 1

There are various modes to play in from Story mode to quick play. Choosing from easy, medium or difficult level. The first objective of the game is to serve your first diners, lead them to their table, then touch the flashing areas within 76 seconds and earning 40 points.

Using your finger on the touch screen you slide the customers over to their table. You then have to wait for the customers to place their order. Once this has happened, the menu starts flashing in which case you must retrieve the menu and place it at the order counter for the three uncles to cook. Watching them cook is quite funny as flames start flying out of their frying pans and a state of panic sets upon their faces. Once the food has been cooked and prepared, Pucca then has to retrieve the bowls and serve them to the customers. Let it be stated that Pucca’s customers are very noisy eaters and this will result in them making a lot of noise with their chopsticks and bowls. Make sure after your customers have been fed to collect the bowls so they can be washed for the next set of customers.

pucca 2

During gameplay you’ll have a visit by the famous Garu who will come and visit your restaurant. He will want to be served without any delay and will not want to be ninja attacked. If you’re too slow, Garu gets up from the table and starts having a fight with some ninjas at the bottom of the screen and won’t be very happy with your progress. Impress him enough and he’ll give you a nice surprise which will turn make your cheeks glow red and send you blushing. Be an outstanding waitress and Garu will reward you with extra tables which inevitably means more customers. This time round you’ve got more people that needed to be seated and you have to make sure that your customers have the right set of seats. If the ninjas do appear, Pucca can simply start tossing plates at them until they are destroyed.

RingRing will also visit your restaurant and she is extremely jealous of your success and you must avoid serving up other diners before her. Throughout the game you’ll be able tp purchase items for your restaurant such as additional tables, special vegetables to delight your customers so they will pay a bit more, flowers which apparently will make your customers more patient, I’m not sure how that really works and players will be able to upgrade their tables from a two person table to a four person table.

Throughout the game you’ll be visited by various characters who will either be needed to served quickly or returning to their seats because they’ve strayed from the main dinning area. Certain customers won’t want to sit next to each other and other times if you’re not prepared with the seating, four people may show up and you’ve only got two seated tables. The gameplay is fast, frantic and fun with organization and preparation paramount for your restaurant to achieve the best of any fast food standards. The pretty kawaii graphics are endearing along with the famous Pucca song in the background. It’s full of charm and charisma which allows for some very addictive gameplay. It’s very similar to Diner Dash in which you must serve customers quickly without having other customers standing and around waiting for tables. The game can be played in story mode or quick play mode. In story mode it centers around Pucca and her three uncles and quick play enables you to play the game with many tables to serve your customers instead of just starting off with one. If you love time management games, then give this one a try! It’s available from itunes for £1.79



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