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Secret Ponchos from Switchblade Monkeys arriving on PS4

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Monkey D Luffy Figure

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The Indie Game Christmas Bundle

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Gryphon Knight Epic On Steam This August

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Starfront: Collision

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 17 - 2011

Gameloft’s new RTS for iPhone, Starfront: Collision is now available on the App Store.

Starfront: Collision features three balanced races to play as through the single player campaign and both local or online multiplayer for up to four friends.

Key features include:

The Deepest, Most Balanced RTS Gameplay on iPhone
– At last, an RTS with intuitive touch controls that gives you total control over your forces.
– Hone your strategy with three different factions – The Consortium, Wardens and Myriad – each with unique tech trees and tactics.
– Complete 20 missions and create your own battles thanks to Skirmish mode.
– Gather resources to build 24 different buildings and recruit 30 different units.

A Deep and Polished Sci-Fi Universe
– Wage war across five gorgeous environments: ice, badlands, a jungle, an underground reactor and a destroyed alien city.
– Discover the deep and engaging story of a war for resources, told throughout the solo campaign.
– Gaze upon top-notch 3D-rendered environments, buildings and units.

Highly Competitive 4-Player Multiplayer
– Confront your friends in epic and challenging Local and Online Multiplayer battles.
– Choose between 5 multiplayer maps, each corresponding to one the 5 environments in the game.
– Enjoy unlimited replayability thanks to Multiplayer mode.
– Connect to Gameloft LIVE! 2.0 and compete to rule the leaderboards.

Starfront: Collision is available to download on the App Store for free and players can enjoy the first few levels before being prompted in game with a £3.99 purchase.



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