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Twin Blades

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 23 - 2011

A Nun armed with a scythe? Can’t be bad.

Twin Blades, from Sanuk Games, has slowly been making it’s way around all of the platforms with an iPhone/iPad and XBL version already available. Now it has finally appeared as a PSP Mini, playable on both the PSP and PS3. Is it worth the £2.49 asking price? Hell, yeah!


Playing as the rather sexy looking Sister Angelika, players are required to save their village from an onslaught of undead. Luckily, this sister doesn’t need to rely on the power of prayer, but instead arms herself with a massive Scythe and a suitably arcane gun and heads out to tackle this threat in person.

Thus begins the game. Gameplay takes the form of side-scrolling hack ‘n slash/ shooting through a variety of short levels. The player has to defeat a certain number of zombies within a given level to move on to the next and the levels gradually become more difficult with the introduction of different types of zombies and some incredibly hard to defeat bosses.


As mentioned, players are armed with a gun and a Scythe. Using the gun will reduce the amount of energy available, which is replenished by using the Scythe, making the player vary their playing style. Through collecting the hearts of the undead, the player may visit the shop in between levels and purchase upgrades for their gun, new guns and various other enhancements. Things get very dramatic once the player manages to unlock the flamethrower.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this game is the visual style. The game has a distinctly Manga/Anime look which works really well both on the small PSP screen and through the Television on PS3. The game runs really smoothly and offers enough variety in the undead threat to keep the player wanting to see more. Some little effects make a big difference, such as blood splashing on the screen and having to slam a button to break free from a zombie, should the player be slow enough to get caught.


Whilst all of this is very good, and certainly makes for an interesting game, Twin Blades is let down by a terrible sense of repetition. Players will find themselves going back and forth through levels to find all of the zombies, and then having to go back to previous levels to fight the undead again. Although the nice variety in weaponry goes some way to alleviate the monotony, the gameplay throughout remains the same and can drag a bit during extended gaming sessions.

But the game is a Mini and as such is perfectly placed for quick hit gameplay. Played in short sessions, Twin Blades provides the perfect distraction from that boring bus journey or a good way to spend a lunch break.


Twin Blades is visually stunning and offers solid, yet repetitive gameplay. For the asking price of just £2.49, high score junkies will certainly get their money’s worth. But for the average joe, looking for a deeper gameplay experience, Twin Blades is best treated as a quick hit, time filler game.




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