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Binary Domain now available on Steam

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Divinity: Original Sin Coming To Consoles

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3DS – In Depth Part 3

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 18 - 2011

FACE RAIDERS….Blast those hovering helmets!

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During my trip to Amsterdam for the 3DS preview event, I tried out many games for the new handheld. But Face Raiders was one that I must have completely missed. Face Raiders is a game that is pre-installed on the Nintendo 3DS when you purchase it and it’s actually very good and shows you exactly what the Nintendo 3DS is capable of. If you can imagine, for just one moment, using your environment within the gameplay then come on in and take a seat.

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Using the Nintendo 3DS cameras, the game uses your surroundings as the gaming area. Before you even start the game you’ve got to use the camera to take a snap shot of some one’s face, or just a photo from a magazine. The 3DS asks you to align the mouth and eyes with the green prompted guide. This basically means you have to line up two dots for eyes and one line for the mouth. Once you’ve done this simply press the A button to hear the shutter sound play. The camera then analyses the photo and can tell whether, its an adult, youth or just completely unidentified.

Holding the 3DS at a distance of around 30cm, your photo is then squeezed into a yellow helmet and given an evil grin, and then goes on to make some strange noises as it bounces around the screen. A green targeting reticule appears on the screen indicating where you need to aim to destroy the moving helmet. Yellow indicators also appear to show you where other helmets will be as this game moves quite quickly. You have to move yourself around with the handheld whilst firing at the helmet creature, who in turn is firing yellow balls back at you. All of these add up to points when hit. The helmets which hold your photo move up and down, flip upside down and even transform into different shapes. The amazing thing about this game is how well it plays and how fun and addictive it is.


In the background you may also see that your real environment is being destroyed by the AR world, as cracks start to appear and you notice holes open up, leading to outer space. The game is very quick and the helmets move around the screen with great speed, which makes you spin around in the physical world far to quickly as you try and catch up. Beware of your environment and make sure you have plenty of space to move around. Although you’ll look silly from everyone’s point of view as you start spinning around in your kitchen, they probably won’t thank you if you go hurling yourself into a stack of plates that you left by the sink. The levels get harder, although there are options to destroy enemies with the B button and the occasional butterfly flutters by which can refill your health meter. Get destroyed and it’s game over, but you’ll find yourrself going back for more. The idea behind the game is to destroy mutliple heads in one session and then take on one of the big bosses as they break through from the space like reality that lies behind our own.

I love the way the game manipulates your photos, which even finds them laughing back at you with moving mouths and eyes. Through the game, it also takes ‘sneaky snaps of all your gaming actions and allows you to store them or delete them. The end of level bosses are tough and it took a few attempts for me to defeat them. But with a lot of practice, you’ll get it down to a fine art.


Face Raiders will make you giggle because you can collect a whole selection of different faces which you can then see in the gallery. You can also share the fun with family or friends, if you’re not too embarrassed. Face Raiders certainly is a great game and I can see more incredible creations coming from Nintendo using the same concept.

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