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Complete Virtual Boy Collection Costs nearly £5,000

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 21 - 2011

Nintendo’s Virtual Boy console may have been the first video game console capable of true 3D graphics and it didn’t always receive a warm reception, but there was a vast number of games to play on it.


Judging by this collector auction from Ebay which consists of tons of games and has £4,999.99 price tag, I’m sure you’ll agree it has a massive choice of games.This collection has cost many thousands to put together and has been sourced from every corner of the world,from Japan through Mexico, Brazil, France, Australia, Sweden, USA, Canada not forgetting sunny Salford.This hardcore collector will explains that it’s phenomenally difficult to find things like Virtual Bowling,Virtual Lab, Display version of Mario’s Tennis,the 2 US Demo carts from the release,the Blockbuster Rental logo hard case and the UBER rare Mosaic version (pixellated) Japanese console box. Also in the collection is a US and Japanese consoles with a selection of games. If you’ve got enough gold coins to part with, then check out this auction today.

Jack Bros
3D Tetris sealed
Mario Clash
Vertical force sealed
Teleroboxer (sealed)
galactic pinball (sealed)
Panic Bomber (sealed)
Golf (sealed but squashed edges)
Mario’s Tennis-UBER rare as was only store display-never released boxed-this one is in superb condition!!!
Red Alarm (sealed)
Nester’s Funky Bowling
Baseball (sealed)
Wario Land (sealed)

Japanese games
Mario Clash
V Tetris
Galactic pinball
Jack Bros
Kemco Baseball
Vertical Force
Red Alarm
Insmouse no Yakata
Virtual Fishing
Space Squash
Topidase Panibon
T & E Golf
Wario Land
Mario’s Tennis
Space Invaders
Virtual Lab
SD Gundam Dimension war
Virtual Bowling
Thats the games! All are complete with inners,dust covers,many carts are still bagged.

Via Game Sniped

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