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Dying for Daylight

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 17 - 2011

Yet another hidden object game for the PC? Maybe, but this one is something special.

Dying for Daylight from I-play is a darkly humorous hidden object adventure with an interesting pedigree. Players get to take on the role of Dahlia, a sarcastic vampire fashionista, as she hunts for the fabled Sun Potion, which allows vampires to walk in the sun (and enjoy more shopping possibilities). It turns out that she is not alone in hunting for this legendary tonic and upon discovering that the secret is held by various members of a bizarre circus troupe, players must help here solve the puzzles and obtain the secrets to prevent the potion from falling into the wrong hands. The adventure takes place across New Orleans, Memphis and Charleston Harbour.


What perhaps makes this game stand out from the crowd and ensures an instant fanbase, is that the story is penned by Charlaine Harris, author behind the Sookie Stackhouse novels upon which the hit TV show True Blood are based. This in itself will guarantee a strong following for the game. But how does the game measure up for your average gamer?

Well, as a hidden object game, Dying for Daylight is packed full of scenes in which players have to find items from a list. In this respect the game performs exactly as you would expect. The scenes are well drawn and suitably busy, making the task of finding the required objects difficult enough to be worthwhile. Most of the scenes have a decidedly macabre feeling to them, and the objects that you have to find generally fit in with that feeling, ensuring that the player can immerse themselves into the setting. This is not all that the game has to offer though…


Offering a light adventure aspect as well, the game will see the player having to visit various locations and solve other sorts of puzzles. These are mostly revolving around finding certain items within the environment and working out where they are needed or making sure that all of the right conditions are met to proceed. Making sure that Dahlia is dressed properly as a nurse in order to gain entry to the blood bank is one that springs to mind. these ongoing puzzles offer a welcome distraction to staring at a static scene and trying to locate well hidden items, but they do involve a certain amount of backtracking to previously visited locations.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game is the story. It is all very well scripted and flows in such a way as to keep the player interested. This is only a casual game, so don’t be expecting an epic experience. But in context, it’s damn good. The characters of the game, Dahlia included, are all developed well and most are suitably over the top. The voice work is also of a decent standard, although the accents in the game may well irritate after a while. But they all fit in with the setting of the game and do a good job of setting the scene.


If you have never heard of Charlaine Harris, or never watched True Blood, don’t panic. Dying for Daylight has what it takes to appeal to all fans of casual games (although I would also say that you should rush out and buy the DVD box set of True Blood Season 1 – It’s Fang-tastic!). The game will only last a few hours for most seasoned gamers and will leave you hanging as the story doesn’t conclude in this, the first game of a series. The puzzles are challenging enough to be interesting and the story is interesting enough to be engaging. If you are a fan of hidden objects, or vampires, then Dying for Daylight will see you right.



Dying for Daylight is available from I-play


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