Land-a Panda

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 23 - 2011

Join Yang Guang on his quest to win the heart of Tian Tian.

An easy way to guarantee a hit iPhone app is to combine something incredibly cute with simple yet addictive gameplay. Well, Big Pixel Studios seems to have ticked both boxes with this simple yet taxing game that oozes the requisite cuteness, Land-a Panda.


The hero of the game is Yang Guang, chosen perhaps because he belongs to a species that is known for their cuteness. He is a Panda. Not just any Panda mind you, but an especially cute cartoon Panda. He also happens to be in love and the subject of his affection, known as Tian Tian, seems to be constantly separated from him. Help Yang Guang reach Tian Tian and fill the air with hearts.

Each level will see the player attempting to reunite these loving Pandas, through the use of Cannons. Yep, cannons. It is quite simply a case of launching the hero from one cannon to the next until he finally reaches his sweetheart. But things are never that easy.

The levels are strewn with obstacles, such as walls, ghosts and the ever-present risk of falling to your doom. To add to the peril, the cannons can move up and down, left and right, or even change the direction they are facing. All of this makes the task of reaching Tian Tian that bit more difficult. However, poor Yang Guang’s troubles do not end there.


Tian Tian is a high maintenance Panda. Not only is she desperate to see her loved one, but she also expects him to arrive bearing gifts. Each of the levels has three gold coins, positioned strategically to make sure that collecting them all will cause no end of headaches for Yang Guang. Collect none of the coins and expect a frosty reception from Tian Tian, collect all three and the air will be showered with hearts.

Whilst the levels in Land-a Panda are far from easy, the user interface is simplicity itself. With the big, brightly coloured sprites, players will have no problem tapping the screen in the right place. Whether they do it at the right time is another matter, but even restarting after a mistake is achieved quickly and without any fuss. The integration of both Open Feint and Game Center ensures a level of competition as players are able to compare scores on the leaderboards.


Cute cartoon Pandas, crazy cannons and a tale of love, what more could be needed in an iPhone app? Playing to all of the strengths of the iPhone platform, Land-a Panda is a game that should be played by all. Get it now, we all need Panda love in our lives.



Land-a Panda, from Big Pixel Studios, is available on the App Store for iPhone, priced at 59p, and iPad, priced at £1.19


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