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Nintendo 3DS Launch Event

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 28 - 2011

The GGUK girls headed out to the glitzy red carpet Nintendo 3DS event which was held at Old Bilingsgate, London on the 24th March. Club Nintendo crowds lined up outside to have the opportunity to try out the shiny new addition to the Nintendo family, the Nintendo 3DS, the first glasses free 3D handheld.


While the excited crowds gathered outside, GGUK headed to the VIP and Media area to pick up our golden glitter VIP Nintendo 3DS wristsbands and checked though security. Old Bilingsgate was packed with excited gamers and Nintendo had set up Nintendo 3DS pods around the main stage area, where an  impressive collection of pop artists would be performing. Plan B, Hadouken, Parade and DJ Yoda would be performing live on stage in front of hordes of screaming Club Nintendo members. Disco lights, cameras and giant plasma screens, on which you could see all the performances take place, were in place which gave off a terrific atmosphere as music pumped out of the giant speakers. A huge Mario and Luigi gave the audience a warm welcome as they made their way through the crowds, shaking people’s hands and having their photo taken.


GGUK had first tried the Nintendo 3DS back in August 2010 during a Nintendo preview event. Our impressions of the 3DS back last year were positive as we first played demos of titles such as Nintendogs + Cats, Metal Gear Solid 3D, and Resident Evil: Revelations. We were surprised back then how well we could see the depth and distance of objects and images. It was an amazing experience and one where we were completely taken back. The results were magnificent and certainly lived up to the hype.


We decided to take a walk around the event downstairs with our aqua blue 3DS and check out whether StreetPass worked with all those people around. The 3DS started to flicker, and when I opened the handheld up and checked StreetPass Plaza, we had 30 new miis come to visit. They all lined up and  made a quick introduction to us while wearing their funny hats. We also had the opportunity to exchange puzzle pieces in puzzle swap.


The whole Street Pass experience is an interesting and fun way to communicate through the 3DS while the system is in sleep mode. During that time, GGUK had several Super Street Fighter Street Pass battles with various gamers from around the event, which gave us points to purchase more Super Street Fighter figurines. This a really fun element to the game because these battles occur while the 3DS is in sleep mode, so it’s not until your open up the 3DS later on that you realize these battles have commenced without your knowledge. Most of the demos we had tried out back in August or in Amsterdam, but we never got round to playing ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D’. It looks absolutely amazing  and plays very well, and we just can’t wait to play that game.


GGUK headed up to the VIP lounge which was completely swarming with journalists, TV cameras and a few celebrities. These included Emma Willis, who presented the Nintendo 3DS Ignition show that aired on SKY 3D, interviewing Russell Kane, who was presenting the event, while Plan B sang very loudly in the background.


Russell was a pretty funny guy and cracked a few jokes. He also exchanged witty banter with comedy performer Leigh Francis, who is best known in the UK for his portrayal of celebrity obsessed character Avid Merrion in the C4 comedy show Bo’ Selecta!, and more recently as northern businessman Keith Lemon in Keith Lemon’s Very Brilliant World Tour and Celebrity Juice. We managed to get some video of these two comedians chatting, which can be found on our YouTube Channel.


While everyone was chatting, laughing and networking around the special Red Bull bar that was set up in the lounge, I thought I would grab the opportunity to grab a can of Red Bull and have a brief chat with Leigh Francis about his thoughts on the 3DS and what games he had tried. He had a quick play with the 3DS camera and seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere.


Later on we caught up with the very excited and easily amused Yoshinori Ono, producer of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition who used the photo opportunity to show off the tiny Blanka figure which he was holding in his hand. He was a really cool guy and looked quite entertained and amused throughout the whole evening.


Once the final pop artists had finished on stage, GGUK headed over to HMV at 150 Oxford Street, London where the midnight launch was being held. As we made our way inside, we watched eagerly as hundreds of people waited outside to have the chance to buy a Nintendo 3DS. The first 500 customers were given the chance to claim a free 3DS game of their choice and received a special commemorative launch-night pack which will included plushies, a space blanket, limited edition launch t-shirt and an exclusive 3DS launch edition of Official Nintendo Magazine.


Once we were inside a small presentation was held and Yoshinori Ono was doing a personal signing on Super Street Fighter IV 3D games, the 3DS and other Nintendo 3DS merchandise.


We had an incredibly fun evening which had a fantastic vibe and great atmosphere throughout. I would like to thank Nintendo for inviting us.

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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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