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Underwater Sci-Fi Shooter Coming This March

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Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm/Blizzard

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Building The Town Of Light

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Peppa Pig Fun & Games

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 10 - 2011

Are you fan of the bright pink Peppa Pig?

If you’re thinking it’s just for the young, it’s actually become a favourite show amongst students. The children’s animated show has become popular enough to bring Peppa Pig: Fun and Games by Ubisoft to the Nintendo DS. This is the second Peppa Pig game, which is no real surprise given the popularity of the pink pig amongst children in their early years, and students of course. The game features a collection of different tasks that the player can enjoy within the world of their favorite piggy hero.


The Dressing area allows players to dress Peppa Pig up in a variety of attire in front of a full length mirror. You can choose from a selection of different coloured hats, which include anything from a top hat to a golden crown with jewels, to a choice of footwear and everything in between. Maybe you might like the idea of dressing Peppa up as a pirate or a nurse? Touching the grid instantly transforms Peppa Pig into wearing something colourful on a day to day basis. Your designs are then captured inside a book for you to look through.

Feeding Ducks is a game where a small pond is graced with a number of bright yellow ducks. These ducks are hungry and they need feeding. While holding a giant slice of bread, you must carefully tear off a piece and feed it to the hungry ducks.

Picking Apples is where Peppa Pig and her friend gently stroll back and forth from left and right of the screen while clutching a bucket and basket. Above them are tall trees with ripe apples growing from them. Tapping the touch screen, you’re aim is to gather the falling red and green apples into the baskets while trying to avoid letting them hit the ground and be destroyed.

Watering flowers. It’s time to get your green fingers out and do some gardening. The sun is out and the soil is fresh and ready for you to sow your seeds so you can grow some beautiful flowers. A small snail has entered your plot of land and you need to warn him off with the watering can that’s available. Tilting and touching the watering can allows you to water your flowers in order for them to bloom and allow the bees to collect their pollen.

In your kitchen, it’s time for you to decorate some cupcakes. This involves choosing from a selection of cute and colourful icings to place on top. There are two cupcakes for players to design. Another birthday cake is filled with lit candles that need putting out and with the simple use of tapping the stylus on each flame, this is easy to perform. It’s party time again and Peppa Pig and her friends are hiding behind a large number of balloons. Tapping the stylus, players must pop the balloons in order to discover the hide and seek friends.


While I realise that this game is more aimed at Peppa Pig fans and a young audience, I struggled to find the real objective behind the game. It has a nice collection of mini games which are played by tapping or swiping the stylus, but no real underlying result. Peppa Pig Fun and Games is more of a distraction than a game, which introduces a Peppa Pig audience to the Peppa Pig World. The main focus behind this game is more to allow young children to experiment with ideas of creativity without the need of a heavy storyline and multiple characters to follow. It’s more of a tool to keep children’s attention focused on enjoying gaming, without any real rules, offering a sense of freedom gameplay.


For any parent with a Peppa Pig fan in their home, Peppa Pig Fun and Games will be a sure fire hit. If your youngsters are not fans of Peppa, they may still get a kick out of this software, especially if they are below school age. The game is an ideal entry into the world of video games. But if your child has already experienced the joy of playing on a DS, then the thrill of being in Peppa Pig’s world will likely be short lived. Students should probably pass as well, no matter how big a fan they are.




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