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PlayStation Access RoadShow

Posted by elliott1982 On March - 10 - 2011

On Friday 20th February the PlayStation Access roadshow rolled into Glasgow on it’s short tour of the UK. Entry to the event was a strict ticket only affair and when the secret location was initially announced it was met with a cry of “Where?” The old, rundown warehouse, named The Glue Factory, in Maryhill was not an obvious location, but I must say that once inside it was evident that Sony where going for the cool, urban, trendy look!


The main emphasis of the event was most definitely 3D and boy did Sony go to town on it! With a plethora of Sony Bravia’s arranged throughout the warehouse, you couldn’t help but be dazzled by the lights and graphics emanating from each room! First on my list of games to play was Motorstorm Apocalypse. Having bought the original Motorstorm as my first ever PS3 purchase, I was eager to see the changes made to this third instalment. I had already heard good things about the game and as soon as I slid on the 3D glasses that was confirmed. I was hooked! The fast-paced driving action and explosive crumbling city landscape which shot from the screen was quite simply mesmerising.

After a few laps on Motorstorm, it was time for a bit of a change. Socom 4 came calling next. It’s a full on third person shooter which is due to arrive here in a couple of months. This was my first experience of a Socom game and I was very impressed. As a veteran gamer of the Call of Duty games, this offered me a different style of play. It’s also one of a new wave of PlayStation Move compatible games. Using the Move controllers really makes you feel a part of the action and I think this may be the way forward for a lot of shooters.


During the four hours of the event, food and drink was in plentiful supply. The smell of freshly cooked pizza wafting from the kitchens was a constant background distraction with many a hardened gamer pausing to grab a slice of the action! A timely breather for me came when I was given the opportunity to listen and talk to the creators of LittleBigPlanet… MediaMolecule. Being a massive fan of the first game, I was extremely excited to hear from the guys who made this visionary platformer. The life size ‘Sackboy’ character model standing proudly at the entrance was a timely reminder of just how iconic this game is! The whole idea of building your own levels and then uploading them for others to enjoy really appealed to people. From the casual player right through to the accomplished gamer, there was something for everyone, and LittleBigPlanet 2 is no different. In fact it’s a step up. Players have a far wider range of tools now, and the greater level of detail makes it even easier to create a work of art!!


The game I really came to play was Killzone 3. This was undoubtedly the ‘flagship’ game of the event. Plus the fact that it was an over 18’s gamezone only increased my anticipation.  Killzone 3, in full, stereoscopic 3D was the star of the show! I enjoyed a session of the single player campaign and then was lucky to get to try out the co-op mode. Both modes of gameplay were stunning and I think this is a game I shall be purchasing very soon.


Throughout the afternoon, there were competitions running for various games. The Fifa 11 tournament was a big favourite with the crowd. But the Gran Turismo 5 fast lap competition was more my kind of thing. With the Hi Def graphics and the Logitech race wheel, it made me feel I was driving in a real racing event. However, after finishing the race 20 seconds off the pace, I think I may need a little more practice.

All in all I believe that this was a very worthwhile event for fans looking to get an insight into future PS3 releases. Sony did a great job promoting the PS3, its games and also new technologies. One thing is for sure though, I now have a massive urge to go out and buy myself a 3D TV!

Photos by FuryAc3


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