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Rabbids 3D

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 31 - 2011

Rabbids are screaming from within my 3DS……………..BWAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

A blast into the past as Rabbids 3D takes those demented and crazy rabbits on their first ever side scrolling platform adventure on the Nintendo 3DS. The ravin rabbids are quite happy getting into mischief and playing inside a quiet museum, when suddenly out of nowhere a washing machine appears. Slowly, but surely the washing machine door opens and emerging is a strange rabbid wearing nothing but a rubber ring in the form of a bright yellow duck. Chaos erupts as the desparate rabbids start fighting to get hold of it, but unknown to those deliquent rabbids, the washing machine holds great untold powers. In the scramble, the rabbids end up inside and accidentally switch it on. This sends the washing machine blasting back through time, visitng four different time periods.


The rabbids objective is to locate all the missing duck rubber rings and use the washine machine as their mode of transport. The game offers three game modes; your standard story, time attack and challenge mode. In prehistory time we see the rabbids adventure into a green jungle environment filled with pterodactyls and dinosaurs roaming in the background. Using the circle pad or D-pad you simply move your rabbid across the level collecting gold coins along the way. These represent points and these points can go towards unlocking rabbid figurines throughout the game. During your progress, you’ll slide up and down slopes, jumping, balancing and rolling through each level, with your rabbid screaming in amusement. The rabbids can discover other items such as bright yellow squeeky duckies which are worth five points and giant rubber ring duckies for ten points. Jumping and using the trampoline allows you to reach higher levels in order to find rabbid faces that awards you an extra life and you’ll stumble across boxes that are filled with bright pink toilet rolls that recharges your life bar completely. Rabbids will come across various obstacles on their journey and these may come in the form of stone blocks or evil Rabbids. Once through the blocks, players will need to be on the lookout for the evil Rabbids and must thwack them and then steal their clothes. This means hitting them or jumping on their heads a few times until you retreive their attire.


All of the clothes that you manage to acquire can then be worn by your rabbid in the fitting room. Inside the fitting room you can change your Rabbid’s hat and clothes. There’s a great selection including a cool stetson cowboy hat and awesome pharoh attire. As you make your way through the game, new things become available such as the terrific Rabbids figurines which you can unlock with your points. These cute 3D Rabbid dioramas are animated scenes from all of the four time periods. You can see the Rabbids running around the ancient ruins of Greece and Rome, or view the jungles of prehistory where you can see two Rabbids roasting another Rabbid on a spit. All of the dioramas are great in 3D with a good attention to detail and can be viewed and moved using the circle pad and can be zoomed into for a closer inspection. Players can also unlock various jigsaw puzzle pictures which become available if you win four gold trophies in stopclock mode.


In the ancient Greece and Rome levels, Rabbids shift up a gear as they run faster through each level trying to avoid falling into the pitfalls of green mist or evade cannon balls that have been fired at you. Rabbids will bounce on trampolines that will catapult you into the air and you’ll try and spare your Rabbids life from being sliced and diced by moving panels of spears. As you progress through the game, it does get a little harder, although it intially starts off quite simple. Moving through each level will test your reactions and skills as you balance on giant leaves and swing your way using a pendulums throughout the game. Rabbids can use various attacks to destroy their enemies such as jumping on their heads or carrying them and throwing them into hot lava rocks. Players can even pick up an invincibility power and this allows your Rabbid to move through a level without damage for a limited time.  Some levels allows your Rabbids to swim in and under water using the scuba gear whilst trying to avoid menacing underwater Rabbids, or players can find special helicopter hats that make your Rabbid jump really high.

In the humid lands of ancient Egypt, Rabbids can jump on sand foundations that propel you into the air, or quickly dash across the sinking sands without being swallowed up. Using the A button to jump and the circle pad, rabbids can bottom bounce through blocks to reach lower levels and occasionally a strange beetle appears out of nowhere to distract you and actually looks like it’s sitting on your screen. Platforms will disappear from under your Rabbids feet and you’ll be caught in mid-air. These tiny sprite Rabbids run, jump, spin, swing and swim their way through 60 levels of crazy fueled excitement, screaming and shouting along the way. Bonus levels can be found and special objects can be acquired which can change the course of history.


Rabbids 3D is an exciting and highly addictive platformer that’s packed with things to discover. It’s like Rabbids on Red Bull with the added fun element of unlocking cute 3D dioramas and dressing up. At first the game doesn’t feel much of a challenge as I rapidly progressed through level after level. But gradually the game picks up speed and becomes frantic and fast, often testing my patience and co-ordination skills.The awesome 3D dioramas are exceptionally cool  as each one portrays the Rabbids doing something mischevious at different points in time. Some of the levels become reptitive, feeling a little stale at times, while other times you won’t be able to resist going back for more. The controls are very responsive and the cute tiny sprites keep the animation well without losing the attention to detail. The upbeat music keeps you feeling positive and the random screaming of the Rabbids is hilarious. Considering this is the first ever side scrolling adventure for the Rabbids, I’m impressed. I have waited a long time for Ubisoft to bring these distubred rabbits to a decent and solid platformer. The levels are colourful and constantly uplifting, giving you a warm fuzzy feeling and rewarding you with a nice selection of unlockables to keep you amused. A word of warning though, if you leave the 3DS unattended you’ll hear the rabbids screaming, talking and making crazy sounds, which is highly amusing and will have you in fits of giggles for a long time to come. Don’t say you weren’t warned!



3D Effect

The use of 3D in Rabbids 3D is not the most impressive that I have seen. There are some nice effects, especially when the beetle lands on the screen or a Rabbid gets knocked into the screen. But for the most part, players using only the 2D will not miss much.

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