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Romance of Rome

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 15 - 2011

Rise from a lowly peasant boy to someone of importance in this latest hidden object game from G5 Entertainment.

Available for both iPhone and iPad, Romance of Rome is a simple story of a young peasant boy called Marcus. Quite happily going about his life he rescues and subsequently falls in love with the daughter of the Emperor. His only chance at winning this fair maiden’s hand in marriage will be to raise his status to something more befitting the Emperor’s daughter. It sounds so simple when laid out like that.


Each chapter of this story begins with a comic strip explaining what is going on and then launches into the murky world of hidden objects. The player will be able to choose from a selection of different locations for each chapter, each with their own long list of objects to be found amongst the general junk that seems to inhabit said locations.


The locations are all incredibly well drawn and do a great job of concealing the required items. Players are able to zoom in on the scene with the iPhone version, making life just a little easier. This is something that I would assume not to be necessary for the iPad version, which would obviously benefit from the larger screen and increased resolution. Everything looks very pretty and the variety of objects to find do not feel out of place within the setting, something that cannot be said for all hidden object games.

However, what makes Romance of Rome a little more interesting than just finding all of the objects, is that sometimes the items are hidden within cupboards or jars and such and the player needs to find items that can allow these to be opened. These items are not always in the current location, so the player will find themselves jumping from one puzzle to the next within a given chapter looking for all of the tools required to complete each location.


The player is rewarded for finding objects with gold coins, some of which can be found discarded amongst the locations in the game. These coins are then spent at the end of each chapter on items that can increase the status of Marcus. Each chapter has certain items that need to be bought for completion. Marcus can also raise his status by completing the requests of various characters that he meets in the game. Raise his status high enough and the hand of his sweetheart will become available.


Romance of Rome doesn’t really offer any advancement of the genre, but that doesn’t prevent it from being amongst the best that are available. With the well drawn environments, the perfect number of hidden objects in any scene and the right level of difficulty, Romance of Rome ticks all the right boxes for hidden object fans everywhere.



Romance of Rome is available on the App Store for iPhone at £2.99 and iPad at £3.99


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