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Biggest Retro Video Game Auction Ever on Ebay?

Posted by TurtleGirl On April - 27 - 2011

GGUK were amazed after seeing this massive very very unique retro Ebay auction. Why you ask?


because this auctions consists of  epic amounts of multiple thousands of items here including consoles, monitors, game cartridges, disks, cd’s, manuals, joysticks, control pads, power packs, old laptops, accessories, keyboards, tape games, mice – even virtual reality gear and three arcade machines! (two of them are working) There are loads of boxed systems and games plus a whole heap more unboxed. There are multiple thousands of disks for Amiga, commodore 64 and atari ST. There are also boxes of extra accessories and controllers etc.

– Nintendo Entertainment System
– Super Nintendo
– Gameboy
– Nintendo 64
– Sega Megadrive I and II
– Sega Master System I and  II
– Sega Game Gear
– Sega Saturn
– Atari 2600
– Atari 7800
– Atari Lynx I and II
– Atari 800
– Atari XE
– Atari ST
– Amiga 500
– Amiga 600
– Amiga 1200
– Amiga 1000
– Amiga CD32
– Tandy
– Commodore 64
– Commodore 16
– Apple IIc
– Apple IIe
– Apple II classic
– Intellivision
– Colecovision
– 70’s PONG systems
– Street Fighter II arcade machine
– Great 1,000 miles rally arcade machine
– Empty shell arcade machine
– And More

The guy had to stand on the roof of his house to get these photo shots!. If you come up with a very rough figure that each individual item is worth $5 each (disregarding the thousands of floppy disks), then you are looking at  least $10,000.
Via reddit

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