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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview

Posted by FuryAc3 On April - 4 - 2011

This week we’re going to take a look at Deux Ex: Human Revolution, the third installment in the series that is planning to crash land on the Xbox360, PC and PS3 on the 26th of August. Human Revolution is a prequel to the original game and takes the format of a FPS RPG. This week’s preview is a little different as we here at GGUK were lucky enough to attend a developers session with Eidos Montreal at last year’s Eurogamer Expo and what follows is a blow by blow account of the session where we were treated to seeing the game in action.


Deux Ex: Human Revolution is set in 2027 and you play as Adam Jensen in a world full with secrets and conspiracies. The session was in 2 parts, the first of which was to show the exploration side of the game and how there is always more than one way to complete a task. So the demo started with Adam on his way to find a contact in the city and the only thing you know is he can be found in a club called the Hive.

The game plays like a noir detective film with you walking through the streets and, as you walk past NPCs in the game, you can go up to them and ask for info or try to force the info from them. On top of this every one of the NPCs in the game can interact with you, so there are thousands of outcomes. Once you find the club, the next issue is how do you get in? One of the options is to shoot the doorman and enter by force, another is to find a backdoor to the club or maybe a skylight and enter from the roof. This is a key part of Deus Ex’s gameplay in that it gives the player a task but how you complete it is up to you.

This time round they paid off the doorman and got in without any conflict. Once in the club you have to find the contact and then get the info from him. The club is split into two levels and is teeming with NPCs, so finding the contact is not as easy as it seems and will require some searching and asking questions. Once he is found, the gameplay changes to a Mass Effect style conversation wheel where you have to read the contact and find out what inputs will win him over and what ones will just anger him.


After that, the second part of the demo was where the real fun started as it switched from the detective style gameplay and became a full blown FPS. The second part also had a change of location, moving from the heart of the city to the dock lands where you are to get your hands on some explosives which the contact said could be found there. The catch is that it’s crawling with enemies and there’s no way to talk your way out of this one.

With this being a developer session, the guys decided to show off how you do a stealth insertion and within all of five minutes they had got into the dock undiscovered and had taken out five enemies with a mix of armed and unarmed combat. Standout moments were the scoped crossbow which did a good job at turning a guard into a pincushion. The game has hundreds of take downs, though you can play the whole game without killing anyone if you want. Another cool moment in the demo was the x-ray style vision which allows you to see through walls and, if there’s an enemy standing near the wall you can use a body upgrade that lets you punch through the wall and rip them through, making a nice new doorway.

After you get the codes to unlock where the explosives are, you have to go through a warehouse. As you walk in, it looks deserted with there only being a couple of boxes and containers dotted about the place. But once you get halfway through, the camera pans up as a chopper hovers over the skylights in the roof and drops a large crate into the warehouse. This was all in real time and as the crate falls to the ground, it bursts into life as a mech which is armed to the teeth with rockets and two heavy mini-guns steps out. So standing between you and the explosives was eight tons of heavy metal.


When it starts to fire, you have to take cover in a Gears of War style move around the warehouse and find a rocket launcher. Once you have it, you can use an upgrade to lock on to the mech and fire blind and the rockets will track the mech in a fire and forget way. After dispatching the mech you can now make it to the lock up where the explosives are. As you walk up to them, the game cuts to a cinematic in which as you just punch the code in, the explosives explode as it was a trap. Once Adam comes around from the blast, a huge tank of a man walks through the flames. This character’s arm changes into a mini-gun and just as he is about to open fire, the demo comes to an end.


So there was a look at how the game is shaping up and from what we saw it is going to be something special for fans of FPSs and RPGs alike when it hits the shop shelves on the 26th of August. Be sure to check back in August for the full and in depth review.

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