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DodoGo! Robo

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 28 - 2011

A robotic Dodo from the future spoke to me…

Anyone who has watched one of the Terminator movies will understand the relentless and unwavering effort that cyborgs (or androids, depending on which side of that fence you are sitting) from the future put into achieving their goals. Well, the same can be said for robotic eggs from the future – they will not stop until they reach their goal, which in this case is the finish line. It is up to the player to ensure that they get there unharmed. And for pity’s sake, don’t upset them. We all know how that ends…

So here we have the third DodoGo! title to hit the DSiWare store. Without paying too much attention to the slightly ominous title, it would be easy to assume that this would be yet another collection of levels through which the player has to protect Dodo Eggs as they make their way home. But this is only partly correct.


Looking at the game, it looks pretty much the same, except for the robotic Dodo and Egg. It seems that they have come from the future to instruct the player in the art of saving Dodo eggs, which is handy as I was never very good at it.

Gameplay too is more or less the same, with just a couple of interesting changes. The player is responsible for guiding the egg, of which there is only one this time, to the finish line through levels filled with all manner of yolk inducing nasties, such as huge drops or fire. With a set number of tools, such as planks, springs and shovels, a route must be planned for the egg to follow which will bring it to no harm. Once prepared, the egg will begin it’s journey through the level, not stopping until it either reaches the finish line or becomes breakfast for all the kings horses and all the kings men.

Unlike the last title, DodoGo! Challenge, DodoGo!Robo doesn’t make the assumption that you remember how to play the game, or that you have played any of the other games, and carefully guides you through the use of all of the tools. This is quite handy as the player will need to quickly perfect their use of the tools if they hope to see all that the game has to offer. In each level are a set number of targets that the player must collect. Collecting as many as possible is generally a good idea, but collecting them all will ensure that the player can unlock all of the levels. Doing this invariably means using each and every item in exactly the right place, with no room for error. This is perhaps the games biggest weakness, the fact that most of the levels only have one perfect solution and the players creativity is largely irrelevant.


With most of the levels having a clear right and wrong way of doing things, and having to plan the route ahead rather than think on your feet, DodoGo! Robo is actually a much simpler game than the previous titles. As such, it serves as the perfect introduction to the other games, a prequel if you will. It is also a fair amount smaller and contains much less content, which is perhaps reflected in the 200 Nintendo point price.

DodoGo! Robo is a fun, reasonably laid back puzzle game that works incredibly well on the DSi and compliments the previous titles. Suitable for both players of the originals and newcomers alike, there is no reason not to splash out the minimal asking price for this title. When asked for his opinion, Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and was annoyed that I didn’t save him. Sorry Humpty, it’s all about the Dodo eggs.




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