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Space Company Simulator Due Later This Year

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ilomilo Autumn Tale

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 18 - 2011

The loving friends return in this DLC pack for ilomilo and once again they have become seperated. Maybe they should consider some kind of harness?

Autumn Tale is the latest DLC for the incredibly cutesy puzzle game ilomilo. As in the main game, players have to manipulate blocks and bring the two friends back together, whilst collecting all manner of stuff including the adorable Safkas which are needed to unlock the bonus levels. The squishy “tic tac” shaped buddies, the quilt-like textures and the relaxing soundtrack all do thweir best to hide some devilishly difficult puzzles across the four themed chapters.


In Autumn Tale, which will set you back only a mere 240 MSPoints, the player is treated to two further chapters, all following the Autumn theme of rustic reds and golden browns. The stages leave off where the main game finished, without dumbing down for new players, offering a mix of relatively straight forward and maddeningly hard levels, which are still available to play via local co-op.

As with the original game, Autumn Tale is best played across small sessions. Aside from the obvious repetitiveness that comes with puzzle games, ilomilo is one of those games that benefits from a fresh perspective. Get stuck on a level? Go away and make a sandwhich, watch some TV, possibly even shoot some aliens or something. The come back to the game and chances are that the solution will be staring you in the face.


It is difficult not to fall in love with this cuddley duo, and any DLC that extends the time I can spend with these guys is surely welcome. The overwhelming feeling with Autumn Tale is that, whilst it may not offer anything game changing or especially new, it is damn good value for money. The DLC packs in a total of 25 new  stages to play through (19 regular levels and six bonus levels) which will be enough to keep fans busy for a good few hours. With an Autumn themed DLC, can we expect more seasonal packs to come? Let’s hope so.


It may not re-invent the wheel, but the Autumn Tale DLC offers more of the same, which is no bad thing. At a bargain price, owners of ilomilo would be crazy to pass up on this add-on. Get it now and help ilo and milo be reunited, again.




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