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Ken Block “Hooning” For DiRT 3

Posted by TurtleGirl On April - 13 - 2011

London’s Battersea Power Station was transformed into a Rally driver’s playground on Friday, 8th April. Temperatures soared, the smell of fuel and burning rubber was everywhere, and dust was sent flying into the atmosphere for the DiRT 3 ‘Gymkhana Uncovered’ event.


GGUK were invited over to try out the game and watch the unveiling of the Dirt 3 multiplayer. The event also played host to the recording of a video featuring world rally driver Ken Block. Ken is renowned for his range of Gymkhana stunt driving videos, which have been watched millions of times on YouTube, and he drives for the Monster World Rally Team.



We were all invited to watch as he sped across the obstacle course in his special Ford Fiesta at incredible speeds, performing donuts and other examples of precision driving, and occasionally sweeping clouds of dust into the crowds.


A Monster Energy bar was set up with all the different flavoured Monsters, so I was completely in my element As I’m a huge energy drink fan. I think I may have had two or three cans by the end of the day. It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed watching Ken’s extraordinary driving skills in action.


Inside, a presentation of the game was held. Codemasters showed us a new feature that allows players to upload 30 seconds of their highlights to YouTube. Codemasters then revealed that DiRT 3 contains a party feature, which includes Invasion, Transporter, and Outbreak. Different party modes with cars defintely sounded interesting. The Invasion mode allows drivers to battle it out against cardboard cutout robots, which you’ll actually be able to run over. The Transporter mode is basically capture the flag with random flag spawn areas. Drive over the flag and you become the flag carrier. The Outbreak mode is kind of a zombie mode, where one person starts the match by being infected and therefore must spread the infection to the other players. These infected players then join the zombie team and the last person who has not contracted the infection becomes the winner.


The game itself is well polished and the actual Battersea Power Station track is brilliantly recreated. Gymkhana mode is another new addition that gives players the chance to “hoon” around like Ken Block, performing tricks. Players can score points for various stunts, jumps, spins and drifts.

The rally stages of DiRT 3 are set across three continents and include the addition of all-new locations Finland, Kenya and Michigan. You’ll need to master driving in the new environment and weather conditions, trying to stay on the tarmac, gravel or snow in all manner of adverse conditions.

This latest evolution of the DiRT rally driving series features more content than Ken Block could “hoon” around in an entire day and is sure to satisfy the fans. DiRT 3 will be drifting onto Xbox360, PS3 and PC on 24th May 2011.

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