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PC Case Mod Made From LEGO Bricks

Posted by TurtleGirl On April - 28 - 2011

With a bunch of colourful LEGO bricks, Modder gi0v3 makes anything possible including this LEGO PC Case. Its been entirely made by the famous LEGO bricks without the need for glue or screws.

lego pc 1

He’s carefully constructed the bricks to form an airflow to place a cooling fan inside. The whole case is deconstructable. The case isn’t on a platform anymore, it measures 26×26x13 bricks ( roughly 207×207x116 mm ) and with better wire placing and disposition of the components (expecially the dvd burner and the disks) he was able to squeeze in a 120×120x25 fan, and 2 small 10 cm white neons.

lego pc 2

The hardware is the same of the previous mod ( still comfortably below 120w of total power consumption) but this time he managed to make it more solid. This time the on/off switch module is perfectly blocked by the bricks, the same goes for the power plug and the VGA port of the discrete video card. The drilled bricks this time help the air flow, letting air come out from the side since the fan is sucking the air in from the top, and the neons have a O/I switch so they can be turned off.

lego pc 3

lego pc 4

With the big fan set to minimum, the noisiest thing is the external power supply, and Everest tells him it runs pretty cool. Last but not least, this time he retrieved enough bricks to give the case a more rational layout, the first 4 layers are intentionally whole, the upper layers are drilled for air flow, each layer maintains the same color. Pure genius and clever design. We love it!

Via Tech Power Up

2 Responses so far
  1. Frenkie Said,

    OMG you are so easily impressed ! A square LEGO box for yer PC, cmon! This is an insult to the real modders. :(

    Posted on April 29th, 2011 at 8:58 am

  2. GG Goblin Said,

    Considering most people will stick with their standard PC towers, I do think this is quite impressive. Sure, there are more imaginative mods out there, but this is still something out of the ordinary. If you are not impressed, that’s fair enough, we have covered many other modded cases on this site. Maybe one of them will be more to your taste?

    Posted on April 29th, 2011 at 4:11 pm

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