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Realistic Vision of the Future?

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 5 - 2011

Video games are entertaining, no one can deny that. But sometimes they can also serve other purposes, such as offering a warning of things to come. A New Beginning is a point and click adventure that gives a very possible vision of the future.

A New Beginning, developed by the Hamburg/Germany-based point & click adventure games specialist studio Daedalic Entertainment, features several playable characters in a stunning eco-thriller scenario that reflects the current fears of a climate cataclysm. Players will see the world in two different time scenarios – today’s present, and the future showing a devastated earth in the year 2500: By then, climate change has made the surface of planet Earth a hostile, uninhabitable environment and decimated the population to a small group of survivors.

A group of time pilots is assembled to execute a hazardous plan: To prevent climate change from happening, they will leap back in time to the past. But the plan ends in shambles…

Arriving in the year 2050, the team is faced with a planet already in the grips of a devastating climate change. London is flooded, Sydney is enveloped in flames, the Taj Mahal swallowed up by desert sands, and Moscow buried deep under snow and ice.

But there is one person whose projects could help to avert the climate change: Former bio engineer Bent Svensson lives isolated in the deep forests of Norway. As the head of an innovative research project developing an eco-friendly alternative energy source he was just about to accomplish his lifework. But a stroke of fate forced him to hand over the project to his son.

The team of time travellers will have to find Bent, tell him that Earth will be destroyed by the consequences of climate change and to encourage him to pursue his research to save mankind from certain destruction…

A New Beginning is a classic point & click adventure game and features eight chapters of beautiful hand-drawn locations and characters. The game was recently awarded three trophies at the German Developer Awards, including awards for “Best Story” and “Best Soundtrack”.  The game will be available in the UK and Ireland on May 20, published by Lace Mamba Global.

A New Beginning_FujijamaL_600x450

A New Beginning_London Floods_600x314

A New Beginning_Moscow snow_600x445

A New Beginning_Paris Eiffel tower cataclysm_600x272

A New Beginning_Sydney in FlamesL_600x450

A New Beginning_Taj MahalL_600x377

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