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Stoned 3D

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 18 - 2011

Not what you think…

Stoned 3D is a confusing beast of an iPhone app. Without looking at the game, one might imagine an app that revolves around a Bong party and the frantic search for munchies. However, upon starting the game up, realisation dawns that it in fact revolves around a caveman working in a stone quarry. My mistake.


The gameplay is centered around an ancient children’s toy and sees cavemen at the top of the quarry throwing down different shaped rocks. It is up to the player to make sure that the rocks go through the right shaped hole at the bottom. Players slide the board with six different holes from left to right, trying to catch the rocks, whilst things gradually speed up. You only have three lives and, once you have missed three rocks, it is game over. The objective to this simple game is to get as high a score as possible.


The incredibly simplistic gameplay is complemented by some rather nice 3D graphics, giving the game almost a “claymation” look. I’ll say it, it looks cute. Well, it looks cute  for most of the time. But there is an anomaly in this formula, and another reason to be confused.

The game is all about chasing the high score, which is a formula that works really well on the iPhone. But just catching shaped rocks won’t do the job. Every now and again a cute looking blue dinosaur will pop it’s head up and, if the player is quick enough and can tap the dinosaur, masses of bonus points are to be had. The confusion comes from when you tap the dinosaur and it’s head actually explodes, leaving a bloody stump. Whilst this may be entertaining, in a slightly warped way, I can’t help but feel that it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the game. **Update** It seems that the next version of Stoned 3D to be released will be removing the exploding of the dinosaur head and replacing it with much more family-friendly stars around the poor dinosaur’s bonce. A welcome move that will make the game suitable for all members of the family.


Stoned 3D is short and sweet, offering some incredibly good looks and simple quick-hit gameplay. The repetitive nature of constantly chasing the high score by doing the same things over and over does reduce the appeal, depending on how competitive you are and how many of your friends have the game. Stoned 3D is only 59p on the app store and includes OpenFeint worldwide rankings, offering plenty of competition to those that are competitive. Stoned 3D is not going to entertain you for hours, but it may well hit the spot during the occasional spare five minutes.



Stoned 3D is published by 3Dgrafix and is available on the App Store for 59p


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  1. Stoned 3D For All The Family | Said,

    […] of the family can enjoy some quick-hit, shape-matching action and chase your high score.   Stoned 3D is still available on the App Store for just […]

    Posted on April 27th, 2011 at 12:10 pm

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