Mysterious Seeds Arrive In The Post

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 4 - 2011

What does it all mean? Could it be that the Pod People are recruiting? Is it possible that someone intends for us to start growing illicit substances? Or could it simply be that Iceberg Interactive are releasing Family Farm later this month?

Sometimes strange things arrive in the post which leave you with some detective work to do. In the past we have had strange pamphlets seemingly asking us to join a cult and unmarked boxes containing unidentifiable lumps of plastic. But today was possibly the weirdest. A small packet of seeds complete with a wrapping with planting instructions and the label “Special Herbs From Holland”. Mysterious!



It took a little research, but thanks to the mighty Google we managed to work out that the seeds are to promote the upcoming casual farming sim from Iceberg Interactive, Family Farm. The game launches later this month for PC.

Players take control of a small family farm and are charged with expanding the farm and making it a success, whilst managing their livestock and workers. Game features include:

- Farm to your heart’s desire on your own 19th century farmstead
- Enjoy the farm life in up to 10 stories that span a lifetime
- Create your own farm family and manage their talents, skills and needs; welcome new babies and hire external workers!
- Groom and raise a variety of cute farm animals: choose from horses and cows to sheep and chickens
- Grow and harvest the fruit, crops and vegetable on your patches and fields in harvest season; but make sure the work gets done before the weather turns foul!
- Decorate your farm with flowerbeds and pretty ornaments in your own style and patterns
- Make home and cook delicious meals to keep your family and workers happy and improve their farming – regular or with special effects on their attributes
- Includes tutorial, statistics, achievements and trophies
- Upgradable house and expandable farm







We shall now find a plant pot and see what sprouts from these unidentified seeds. We will, of course, keep you updated.


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