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Doodle Find

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Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Will Arrive in Stores and Nintendo eShop in North America on October 1st

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Dead Space 3 Story Trailer

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Take To The Sea With Bundle Stars

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New Look Raptr Brings You News

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 26 - 2011

The massive gaming community that tracks your gaming achievements, keeps tabs on your gaming buddies and provides all manner of other useful functions, now offers news tailored to your gaming interests.

Launching today, members of Raptr.com will now be able to get the news that they want, posted directly to their Raptr homepage. Through a system similar to the likes of N4G, anyone can submit news articles found around the web. These articles are then given “topics”, or tags, ensuring that only members that are following that particular topic will see the relevant news. Those who have associated their Xbox Live/PSN/Steam accounts with the service will automatically be following any topics for the games that they have played, and thus will be updated with any news articles regarding those games.

Members will be able to vote on any news story that they find to be important, with the most voted for stories appearing higher on that members Raptr homepage.

As if all of this were not exciting enough, Girl Gamers UK now have their own topic page on Raptr, allowing members to follow us and keep updated on all of our news. Head over to Girl Gamers UK Raptr Page and click “follow” to be updated with our latest news. It may be a bit quite at the moment as we are still getting to grips with the new features. But that will soon change.

Raptr Homepage

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