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Playing With Chillingo – Part 1

Posted by TurtleGirl On May - 13 - 2011

Chillingo have some of the best upcoming iPhone and iPad games around and GGUK had the opportunity to check some of their newest additions. With so many apps being released every day, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to purchase and whether you’re going to be getting a worthwhile investment. The latest arrivals for Chillingo included some interesting titles that I’m sure will provide some enjoyable and fun gameplay.

Spider Jack is based around a cute, bright green spider named ‘Jack’. Jack’s arachnid past-times include spinning webs that he can swing back and forth on and feasting on flies. The game uses the physical nature of momentum, gravity and vast amounts of swinging to carefully guide Jack from A to B by building webs to guide him on his way.

The game is a puzzler and has a similar feel to ‘Cut the rope’ with the player positioning webs to skillfully collect stars and eat the final fly, whilst trying to avoid being blown away by the hairdryer or frazzled by electricity. There are 75 puzzle filled levels to swing back and forth from and each level is designed to test your reflexes and foresight. The graphics are simply adorable and will appeal to young and mature players alike.


Clickgamer_Spider Jack_Screenshot_04_600x900

Storm in a TeaCup is a delightful and magical adventure that sees you guide ‘Storm’ in his teacup across this beautiful, dreamy side-scrolling landscape. This world is a strange place which has been created by the vivid imagination of his brother ‘Clouds’.  It’s bright and colourful, and gravity and momentum all play a vital part in this physics based game. Carefully guiding the teacup across each level, you’ll have to avoid all sorts of perils and obstacles waiting to stop you in your cup.

Navigating Storm in his teacup is simple as you hold your finger on the screen to gain height and use your left hand to move your teacup left and right. It’s enjoyable and fun as you collect diamonds and stickers during your travels. The game reminded me slightly of LittleBigPlanet and looks great as you guide your teacup through each exciting and visually stunning level, never quite knowing what’s around the next corner.


Chillingo_Storm In A Teacup_Screenshot_01_600x400

Chillingo_Storm In A Teacup_Screenshot_03_600x400

D.A.R.K. is a Sci-fi  RPG in which you explore the labyrinth of corridors of the U.S.S. Storm Bringer, an enormous spaceship. This top down action game involves exploring and hunting out  enemies whilst building up your own personal character, who you can level up and equip with a good selection of different weapons.

Players can explore the ship for upgrades and will have to take on huge end of level bosses. The game offers a campaign mode with game play ranging from gunfights to puzzle solving. The atmosphere is action packed and lively, and offers a great deal of exciting gameplay which will appeal to those gamers wanting something a little more interesting than your standard RPG game.




In part 2 we spend some time with Quiz Climber, Saving Moo and Vampire Rush.


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