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Top 10 Guns In Games

Posted by FuryAc3 On May - 18 - 2011

With so many different shooters on the market and with the likes of Brink and Deus Ex on the horizon, this week on GGUK we are going to look at our favourite guns in games of all time so far. So this is our top 10 list of the greatest firearms to have appeared in gaming. The only rule is that it must have a trigger to make the list, so no grenades or blades, just guns guns, guns. So let’s take a walk through the GGUK armoury and see which one is aiming for the top spot and which were just wide of the mark?

10 = Shrink Ray (Duke Nukem)

The Shrink Ray, which is also known as the Shrinker, is a real table turner in battle as it allows you to shrink your enemy to a tiny size that you can then crush with your boot. Although your target is pint sized, this is the only thing that has changed and they are still a deadly threat as the weapon inflicts no damage to them. This weapon has the ability to put a lot of rounds downwind when you need it, turning rooms of enemies to ants in seconds and that’s why it landed at number 10 on the list, giving the trooper the tactical edge over there target.


9 = Redeemer (Unreal Tournament)

Sometimes the solider of today needs a real game changer and they don’t come bigger than this one. The Redeemer is a hand held nuclear warhead launcher which really packs a punch. The rockets may not be the fastest in the world but once fired you really should be running as fast as you can in the other direction. But this comes into its own when you use the secondary fire feature as it lets you personally guide the warhead to the target in real time. So all you need to do is take cover, fire the rocket, fly it to the enemy and watch the mushroom cloud rise. No other weapon on the list packs such a powerful punch and that’s why it’s at number 9.


8 = Armacham HV Hammerhead (F.E.A.R. 2)

Every handy man’s dream, the Armacham HV Hammerhead is the successor to the HV Penetrator and to all intents and purposes is a nail gun allowing you to fire 14mm depleted uranium spikes at the target. With its rapid fire feature this weapon really is the M.C. Hammer of the gun world because it’s Hammer time as it packs twice the power of a standard assault rifle. Yes, twice the power! On top of this it deals damage to both armour and health, making it an extremely deadly and accurate weapon to have in your arsenal.


Staff bonus rounds = Tambo

Preferring sneaky bows, hidden blades or magic as my usual weapons of choice in games, I thought choosing my favourite ever gun might be tricky. Then I remembered the sheer thrill of totally annihilating the Ganado Village population in Resident Evil 4 with the Plaga Removal Laser 412 and suddenly the decision was easy.

Unlocked only after you complete the game in professional mode, it’s a great reward as despite it’s bulk, it has unlimited ammo and, in similar fashion to the awesome B.F.G in Doom, the P.R.L 412 can wipe out hoards of grubby zombies with quick flash bursts or totally destroy big sneering bosses like Osmund Saddler in just one beautiful, fully charged, explosive, white hot pulse of light. Love it!”

7 = Penetrator (Bulletstorm)

Sometimes on the battlefield of today, bullets just don’t cut it against an unstoppable enemy. That’s where the Penetrator comes to the stage as this bundle of joy fires rocket-propelled drills which stick the target to any surface or other enemies nearby. This is not a delicate weapon by any means, it’s definitely a bruiser of a gun – big, heavy and with the sheer power to tear enemies limb from limb when used with the secondary fire feature which lets you tag one enemy and fire it in another direction.


6 = One-Shot (Gears of War 3)

Aiming at the number 6 spot on the list is the One-Shot, which is a super charged Sniper rifle and, as the name suggests, all you really need is One-Shot. This recoilless rifle is a real Elephant of a weapon as it weighs a ton, slowing the trooper carrying it down to a crawling speed. But once he finds a target, odds are they’re going home in lots of little plastic bags. The One-Shot fires single shot rounds and takes a decade to reload, but once ready the high speed round will vaporize its target. If there is an enemy behind the target, it will travel through them as well, filling the scope view with a cloud of read mist. The other downsides to this sniper rifle is that when aiming it gives off a loud buzzing sound when locking on, giving you away to the enemy, and the fact that you only have three rounds to dispatch the target. Although it can make juice out of enemies, there are too many draw backs to the One-Shot over all, stopping it from breaking the top 5.


Staff bonus rounds = Bazaboy

“So when FuryAc3 asked me to choose and write briefly about one of my favourite guns within a video game, I honestly did not have to think too hard when it came to the game, it was a choice of two. Both games from developer Insomniac, the Resistance series and Ratchet and Clank Series. Ratchet Clank won out, a game full of brilliant but humorously created weapons from which I chose The Chimpomatic. The Chimpomatic, although not the most devastating weapon in the game, quickly became a favourite. You just aim at your target, pull the trigger and presto … No, it didn’t kill your intended victim. Instead it instantly turns them into a hopping, dancing monkey. You then had the choice to leave the harmless chimp to carry on as he saw fit, or switch weapons and blamo, instant monkey soup. Hours of fun.”

5 = M1 Grand (Almost every WW2 games to date)

They say history is written by the winner and in this case the winner is a true legend. The M1 Grand was the standard-issue firearm for all U.S. ground forces during the Second World War. Developed by John C. Grand, its .30-06 round is powerful enough to drop a man in one shot and with it’s gas-operated mechanism allows a trooper to empty an eight-round magazine faster than any other rifle on the battlefield and reload. The Grand is a true work horse on the battlefield, perfect for long range combat as well as urban combat from street to street. Because of this it finds itself at number 5 on our list. A true legend in its own right.


4 = 211-V Plasma Cutter (Dead Space)

Although this is designed to chip pieces off boulders so they’ll fit in smelting tubes, this tool makes for a deadly weapon using ionized gas and plasma energy which makes a powerful charge of 30 kilovolts per cm when fired. It also has the capability to fire in both the horizontally and vertically axis and is very accurate as it has a guiding system with three laser dots. This is all well and good, but when in the hands of the trooper on the battlefield it gives them the ability to cut enemies arms, legs and heads clean off with the power and skill of a surgeon. Deadly accurate and powerful, which is why this secures the number 4 spot on the list.


Staff bonus rounds = Elliott1982

“The greastest memory I have of using the MP7 SMG from Medal of Honor was during a heated game of team deathmatch. Having just downed an enemy soldier and blown away three other teammates with a hail of armour piercing rounds, my ears were greeted by an American voice shouting, “I need ta get me that gun!”

It’s one of those guns that no matter what rank or skill level you are, you get an instant, confidence boosting feeling. There is a real sense of occasion when you equip yourself with this high–tech piece of kit. The MP7 is a thoroughly modern gun, using lightweight materials to make it a deadly personal defense weapon. Although featured in the spec ops class and designed to be a close quarter combat firearm, the MP7 gives you the ability to take down your foes from great distances. Many a complacent sniper has been left embarrassed by the accurate, rapid fire of the MP7. Having it in your hand makes you feel like a true super soldier!”

3 = X-43 MIKE (Crysis 2)

This experimental weapon emits a beam of weaponized microwaves that rapidly accelerate the molecules within the target until its insides bubble and burst. In short, it cooks them from the inside out. It is most effective against infantry, but can be used to bring down heavy units if the beam is held on them for long enough. The only down side to the X-43 MIKE is that you can’t reload it. The 500 round magazine is all you have, so once that’s spent it’s done and because of this it crash lands at number 3 on the list.


2 = Land Shark Gun (Armed & Dangerous)

This is the ultimate weapon for clearing enemies out of cover, as well as striking fear into their hearts. The Land Shark gun was first invented to clean out the Onion Mines of Midden. Similar to the Plasma Cutter, it started life as a tool, but in the hands of a trooper it becomes a whole new kettle of fish. This weapon doesn’t use bullets, it uses baby land sharks. Once fired through an advanced system of hormone treatments the baby shark grows to full size and digs under the battlefield, only showing it’s fin above the dirt till it gets to the target, and then it’s Jaws all over again. Once it has dispatched the target, it continues to seek out other enemies on its own. This is a great system as it is a true fire and forget gun. Once the shark is in the ground you can switch weapons and push forward while the land shark hunts for new prey.


1 = M6 (Halo Series)

So, after nine of the all-time greatest guns in gaming, what weapon would be king of the firearms? Well, it’s not a super power assault rifle or a turbo scope sniper. No, it’s a sidearm, a pistol in fact. So why did a pistol come out on top? Well, the M6 is a power-house – small, compact and above all deadly. The M6 is standard issue to all troopers, recoil-operated, magazine fed and fires 12.7mm rounds. It’s also incredibly light weight and easy to use. On top of this, there are 12 different versions of the M6, from Magnums to scoped attachments, making this a very versatile weapon. Because of this, and it’s sheer stopping power, it has made its way to the top of the list as the greatest gun it gaming.


So there you have our top 10 guns of all time. From nail guns and portable nuke launchers to pistols, there’s a gun for everyone’s style on the list. But what do you guys think? What’s your favourite weapon in gaming? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Turok Said,

    what about Cerebral Bore from Turok 2

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