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Spider-Man PS4 ‘Just the Facts: Relationships’ trailer

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Posted by Bazaboy On June - 20 - 2011

The evil Pig menace must be stopped!

I have been the owner of many a mobile phone throughout my life, everything from a basic Nokia to one of the first 3G phones, which at the time resembled a brick compared to some other phones available, through to a blackberry. Games on these phones to me, a veteran gamer, were never overly inspiring and were more something to play when I had a few minutes to spare, waiting for a bus, passing time while the kettle boiled or while I was sat on the toilet – Don’t judge me, I know the majority of you have done this too. Mobile gaming was something I did more of on my PSP. However, this all changed when I upgraded my trusty Blackberry to my now even more trusted iPhone.

MY first few weeks with my iPhone, I did not really play many games on it. I  expected things to be pretty much the same, a little something to pass the time. How wrong I was. Sure, the first few games I played on the device did little to inspire. But it did not take long before my mind was changed and, most fittingly for me, it was a racing game, Real Racing, that converted me into a believer, understanding that games on smart phones such as Androids and iPhones themselves could be as fun and entertaining as games on dedicated mobile gaming devices such as the DS and PSP.


So although it was a racing game which changed my opinion of gaming on phones, it took something entirely different to have me truly hooked. The game that did so was equally fun and evilly addictive all at the same time. The best games on the iPhone, in my opinion, seem to be the ones which take an ever so simple concept, turn it into a fun game and give it the ability to  keep you saying time after time “just one more go”. There are a huge number of games like this availble on these devices, but in my, and many other peoples opinion, the best is the brilliant Angry Birds. At the time of writing this there have been three Angry Birds titles; the original game, Angry Birds Seasons and most recently Angry Birds Rio. The objective of these games has not changed throughout and to be honest we should be grateful that it has not, as I can not imagine anything that could possibly make these games any more fun to play than they are.


For those who have never had the pleasure of playing one of these games, in a nutshell it has you firing said angry birds across the screen, the aim being to eliminate the green pigs who have angered the birds by stealing their eggs. This all sounds simple enough, but as most gamers know nothing is ever as simple as it seems when it comes to video games. The main thing stopping you is the fact that the pigs have decided to barricade themselves within structures, constructed from various different materials with each material being weaker against certain types of bird.  Each of the different types of birds have a special ability, apart from the basic red bird which, other than helping understand the basics of the game during the initial few levels, is completely useless and has barely enough power smash a single glass block, splinter a wooden block and simply bounces of concrete blocks with a thud.


As someone who has been playing games for many years now, the majority of the stages within the collected Angry Birds games, although challenging, usually prove no problem given a little time. However, every so often one of these games will throw a level at you which even at first glance you know is going to be one of those, as I like to call them, evil Angry Birds moments. These are stages that are so fiendishly put together that just from the first look at them you know they are going to reduce you into a phone throwing, yelling, exasperated potty mouth. These are levels where the majority of the green pigs are simple enough to hit but a single pig, usually a large one with an army helmet and a ginger moustache, or an extremely small pig, are hidden behind or within a stone structure and seem to have the power to survive a concrete block to the head. Now If they were wearing one of the aforementioned helmets then at a push I would say okay. Unlikely, but okay. If however they were unprotected, or even worse wearing half a pumpkin on their wee piggy-like noggins, and said block lands on them resulting in nothing more severe than a black eye, that’s where the swearing comes in and anger management becomes a necessity.

It has, in my case, resulted on more than one occasion in “rage quitting” the game, something more common within the world of the Call Of Duty games. However, the pure addictive nature of the game means you can’t stay away from the game for too long and it’s always even more rewarding when you go back to those tricky stages and finish it. Sometimes after that break you will come back to that stage and complete it with a bird or two left over, letting you know that all you needed to do was take a breather before realising that maybe that stage was not so hard, or that the green hairy-faced pig was not quite so tough. And then, just as you are thinking the difficulty is all behind you, the next stage turns out to be just as frustrating, if not more so, than the one you just beat and the whole thing starts over in a vicious circle of Angry Bird mayhem.


And so, if you have yet to have experienced the … joy(?) of playing one of the three Angry Birds titles currently available, then you should do yourself a huge favour and check them out. You have been forewarned that doing so could lead to a serious gaming addiction and fits of rage followed by moments of extreme joy, all in the space of a few minutes, resulting in  a roller coaster ride of feelings and emotions. But this ultimately gives you the experience of a highly enjoyable, simple to play game which is perfect for filling a few spare minutes, or even more prolonged gaming sessions.


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