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The Sims 3:Generations

Posted by TurtleGirl On June - 14 - 2011

Many generations of Sims have had to make do without these new features.

The Sims 3 Generations Expansion Pack allows players to enjoy a new experience with the life simulation game from EA. Generations introduces players to the ups and downs of teenage life, the joys of being a child and more emphasis on important milestones, along with some extra content to keep our sims entertained.

The game remains the same as before, where players create a Sim or family of Sims and choose their first unfurnished or furnished residence before choosing their employment. Personally I’ve never opted for having a child before in the Sims game and have always remained a single woman trying to gain a foot on the career ladder. Sims players still have to fill certain requirements and criteria as before with lifetime goals and traits, and gradually build up their skills.


Starting again from scratch, my profession of choice began as a traffic cop and while that seemed ideal, I hadn’t taken into account that I now had a small infant who couldn’t fend for itself. Enter the baby-sitter, who would come in,and look after my child while I was out at work earning a living. You can see him baby-sitting whilst you’re are out at work, which seemed to involve the baby-sitter spending vast amounts of time on the PC playing videogames. Your baby has requirements such as needing a feed, wanting a cuddle or being attacked with claw. This involved me swiping up my baby in my arms, while making a claw like action with my hands. My baby seemed most amused with the prospect that her mother looked completely mental while doing this, but it stopped her from crying. Often baby would need a snuggle, or play, but generally seemed quite content wandering around the house. My Sim child enjoyed bathtime the most, because while she was in the tub, she would play submarine adventures which involved her looking through a yellow periscope.

During the times I wasn’t there for her, my Sim child would bring out snuggles, her cuddly toy, that she could play with or sing to when she got bored. We called him ‘Mr Bubbles’. Snuggles was a lifetime cuddly buddy for my baby and over time Snuggles developed into an imaginary friend for my Sim child. Snuggles can be ordered to clean or grab a snack for your Sim child. In his weird attire and with a strange antenna on his head, he will follow your Sim about. Whilst this is quite amusing, it can look strange to other Sims. As a child you can see Snuggles, but click on an adult Sims view and you’ll see your Sim child talking to thin air. Its definitely funny watching it from both views as neither can see the other. Your Sim child can tell ghost stories to Snuggles, where the Sim child will pull out a torch and shine it under her chin for a spooky effect, while images of ghosts, ghouls and spiders are seen. During playtime you can have epic pillow fights with Snuggles, but be warned this does look strange from an adult Sims view as they will see nothing but your child throwing a pillow around into thin air. Once your child sleeps, Snuggles goes back to being a doll until they wake again.


Gradually my child was growing up and was in the need of more entertainment. Players can use the special costume chest to choose from a variety of play outfits for your child’s new found imagination. These include; Tyrannosaurus Rex, Princess, Astronaut and Prince. The Tyrannosaurus Rex costumes comes in a selection of colours such as red roaring, pouncing pink or gargantuan green. Whilst Sims children have these outfits on, their imagination take on new forms as they start stomping around in a dinosaur suit making roaring noises and pouncing. As an astronaut, Sims children search around looking for new discoveries and walking slowly as though they are in space. The prince and princess both dress up in a regal style and occasionally throw out the royal wave to passer-bys.

As your Sim child’s development progresses, they are always searching for the next best thing to expand their minds, playtime and imagination. Generations offers players the treehouse, which costs many Simelons but is a worthwhile investment. The treehouse allows young Sims to venture forth and have their own kind of hideout place. In here you can hold a great feast, or if you’re a mean Sim you can dump water on an unsuspecting person below. The treehouse is great fun as you hear and see your Sim child playing inside, and it’s also an ideal place if you want to spy on the neighbours.

Teenage Sims, much like their real-life counterparts, are rebellious and often won’t do as they are told, stomping off and having arguments with you over bedtime rules or curfews. If they can find a way of being insubordinant, they will. This may involve them climbing out of windows to go out for a night on the town with friends. But, be warned, they may be busted by the local law enforcement. Revenge is bitter sweet and teenager Sims can set booby traps around the house and tamper with appliances. My teenage Sim set traps on toilets and sinks which would result in an overflowing toilet, drenching my bathroom, and a tap spraying out water and soaking me. A red glowing spot appears when the trap is set properly. My teenage Sim also set up a trap in the shower, which ended up with my adult sim coming out with bright blue hair. Around the corner you can hear your Sim teenager sniggering about this new found action they have performed.


When my teenager wasn’t getting into trouble, she would try and find things around the house to entertain her. Most often she would play with the video camera which can be purchased in Buy Mode. Sims now have the great ability to record home videos and play them back on any television screen. The type of video camera you decide to buy will affect the length of video that you’ll be able to record and the quality of the video playback when watching it on a TV. There are a selection of video cameras you can buy, but seeing as I didn’t have many Simelons, I chose the cheapest. When you’re ready to record, you can use the camera to enter a special first person view. It’s simple to use as you follow the onscreen instructions to move around the world, while you shoot. However, there is a countdown timer which will show your remaining time left and will shut down automatically, so choose wisely for the length of time to record. The video camera I used had only one minute of recording time. It was easy to use with the ASWD buttons, C to start and stop recording and you’ve got to keep an eye on your battery power. Once you’ve successfully recorded and completed this action you’ll be rewarded with a disc. This disc is then placed in the sims inventory and can be played on screens in the game. You can rename each recording you make, as this will help distinguish between all your recordings, and you can build up your own home video collection. Sims should invest in a data disc storage tower to hold your discs in.


On the road to becoming an adult, your Sim can attend prom for the first time and maybe even become a prom king or queen in the celebrations. If you’re lucky enough to throw a party, a limo will arrive and some strikingly good looking Sims greet you. On a momentous occasion such as becoming a prom king or queen, you’ll be able to capture a photo of your memorable day. This keepsake photo will be kept in your inventory for you to look at whenever you feel like reminiscing. Sims that get elected to the prom court will also receive a special object. All special occasions throughout your Sims life can be captured in a memory. This is kind of like a bookmark of special times in your life, such as meeting new friends, cooking a new meal or even starting a job. These memorable moments can be saved into your Sims scrapbook and then uploaded to FaceBook

As a Sim you’ll also be able to create a variety of potions by using the Catalyst Chemistry Lab Station. This is where you can research formulas to make potions and discover new ones. Some of these potions include the ‘Ninja Vanish potion’ which teleports Sims home instantly, While the ‘ghost potion’ enables you to play on the other side, which I’m not going to reveal completely as I don’t want to spoil too much of the surprise for you. Sims who are adept in the logic skills can also mix potions into drinks. This creates a mysterious drink that looks like a glass of water, but causes any Sim who drinks it to undergo the same effects as the mixed potions. I tried experimenting several times which resulted in a few failed attempts and the lab blowing up in my face, leaving me walking around with a burnt look all over my body.


Whether you’re an adult or teenage Sim you’re going to need to travel with the usual items such as bicycles or something a little bit fancier such as the sports cars, which can be very expensive. The Vistoco Speed Machine was priced at sixty thousand Simoleons and the Ernato Berrati M8I Covert Edition was fifty thousand Simoleons. You need a very well paid job to afford any of these. Teenage Sims can also have driving lessons, but don’t worry because you can’t actually crash the cars even if you wanted to.

Late nights may involve bachelor and bachelorette nights where you can have wild parties until the early hours of the morning.  These parties are only available to Sims who are currently engaged to another Sim and are not for the children. Such parties are always eventful and Sims may run into a fight, get ditched by their date or get denied a place on the dance floor.


If Sim life gets too much, they may undergo a midlife crisis on one of their birthdays. This is where your Sim will have a personal meltdown and you’ll need to complete special wishes to help them cling on to their youth and earn extra lifetime, such as getting one of those fancy sports cars. There’s no penalty for avoiding the midlife crisis wishes, if you choose not to promise them. Be aware that if the pressure proves to be too much, you can send your Sim to the local hospital to get some much needed therapy and end their crisis early.

As with other Sims 3 expansions, Generations embeds a whole collection of new features into the classic gameplay. I’ve liked the fact that Generations have explored the imagination of the child and expanded upon that. The imaginary friend Snuggles is a well thought out addition to the expansion pack which explores the imagination of a growing Sim, along with the treehouse and costume chest which allow sims to dress up and engage in imaginary worlds. The introduction of the video camera feature is entertaining as this gives players their own recorded memories which can be shared across Facebook. Indulging in some youthful rebellion as a teenager, by playing pranks on unsuspecting Sims, is also a lot of fun.

in the park

With a huge amount of new content, including new traits, a new career in the form of Day Care, more emphasis on the younger Sims and celebrations for all Sims, no matter what their age, Generations is easily recommended to Sims fans everywhere. With so much more stuff to do, things to create and experiences to experience, the only problem seems to be finding the time for you Sim to fit it all in.



3 Responses so far
  1. SherRell Collins Said,

    Do you guys think that this game will eventually come to Xbox 360?

    Posted on June 17th, 2011 at 7:23 pm

  2. GG Goblin Said,

    Generations is an expansion pack and won’t be coming to the Xbox360 in this form. However, the next expansion is The Sims 3 Pets which will be coming to the consoles and will likely include at least some of the features from Generations.

    Posted on June 18th, 2011 at 10:01 am

  3. SherRell Collins Said,

    Kool! Thanks appreciate it.

    Posted on June 18th, 2011 at 5:44 pm

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