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Nintendo Europe Downloads: Mega Man 4, Tomodachi Life, Adventures of Lolo

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Cities: Skylines Now Available

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Dead Space 2

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AKB48 Perfect Pop Star is Digital Fake

Posted by TurtleGirl On July - 4 - 2011

While most people won’t be familiar with the Japanese girl band ‘AKB48’, the band has been recently spotted in the news for something a little bit strange.

AKB48 holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest girl pop group. They consist of 58 female members and  were founded by Yasushi Akimoto back in 2005. The girls have had various video games out on the PSP and endorse a lot of merchandise.


While all of this sounds normal, they recently hit the headlines. Fans of the group AKB48 were shocked to learn that the newest addition to the group, Aimi Eguchi, is in fact not a real singer, but a computer generated avatar. She is a digital creation made up from features of six of the other girls.

Followers became suspicious after Eguchi was chosen to front a major Japanese ice-lolly campaign. It was an endorsement usually given to more senior members. The group’s fans also questioned the perfect pop star’s resemblance to some of the other girls in the group. Their concerns about whether the star actually existed were confirmed when her management released a video showing her being created. Eguchi had posted on her website that she was a normal 16 year old from a town north of Tokyo who enjoyed tracks and field events. In reality she is a digital fake. How bizarre?. I’m not sure if her fans were impressed. How scary though? Check out the video on Sky News. It raises the issue that maybe singers and celebrities may be in fact be replaced by something digital in the future and they might not have to pay out the big bucks for A-listers anymore.

Via Sky News

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