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Big Sticky

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 28 - 2011

The latest iOS game from BIG BAD BRUSH.

The guys at BIG BAD BRUSH certainly had their work cut out when coming up with ideas for their next game. BIG BAD Flower basically revolved around an evil flower that was trying to take over the world. Kung Fu Master saw the player kicking the butt of Zombies and Pandas and Kung Fu Santa saw Santa Claus going all Bruce Lee on some evil Elves that had stolen all of the Christmas presents. Realistically, how do you follow those games?


Well, obviously a purple Frog prince with a long sticky tongue was the way to go, and thus we have Big Sticky. The hero of this tale is the Frog prince who goes by the name of Sticky. In a bizarre twist of events, his happy life was totally thrown into chaos when a lonely castle abducted his princess and it is now up to the player to help Sticky rescue her. Y’see, it all makes sense now.

But things are not that straight forward for poor Sticky. It would appear that every other princess in the world has also been kidnapped by lonely castles, and Sticky must work his way through a challenging 51 levels, rescuing the worlds most bizarre line-up of princesses, until he finds the love of his life. Seriously, that means 50 princesses that are not his, and each of them are … strange looking. It really does make you wonder what all of the other princes are doing about the situation.


Set up like a puzzle platform game, the player must take Sticky from the beginning of the level through to the door at the end. Along the way, the player will find three roses in each level that can be collected to improve the players score for that level. There are five differently themed worlds through which to play – Earth, Air, Fire, Ice and Steampunk – before the player will have collected enough gems to open the final door and save his very own princess.


The mechanics are fairly simple. Sticky cannot move himself but instead must rely on his long sticky tongue attaching itself to a surface above and swinging. If the player holds their fingert on the screen, then sticky will hang their, gently swinging until something changes. Tapping the screen will result in the tongue sticking and then being released, using the momentum of the swing to hurl Sticky forward.

Of course, there is the ever-present threat of falling off the bottom of the screen ensuring that the player make as much use of that tongue as necessary. But there are also other hazards that Sticky must be aware of as he Tarzan swings through the levels, such as spikes, falling icicles and flaming fireballs. All of these things spell an abrupt end to Sticky’s quest and the loss of a life.


Big Sticky is another great example of quick hit gameplay on iOS. It is very easy to just pick up and knock out a couple more levels, or at least try to. The difficulty curve is, in my opinion, quite high and the player will find themselves really having to work hard fairly early on in the game. There are two strategies that seem to be at work in the game. Some levels need to be rushed through as quick as possible with quick, precision taps. Whereas others will need timing and will find the player holding their finger on the screen and Sticky hanging by his tongue until the opportunity presents itself to move on in the level. Either way, the player will likely have to get used to replaying levels once the easier early levels are out of the way.

Everything looks cute and colourful in the world of Big Sticky. The castle environments are well made and devilishly laid out, and Sticky himself is an endearing character that would be nice to see again in the future.


Once again BIG BAD BRUSH seem to have completely avoided any idea of depth in their game. But Big Sticky offers more than the previous two titles with not just addictive gameplay and quick hit satisfaction, but also a lovable character that you really want to help and a sense of progression. The difficulty ramps up quickly and some levels will see the player directing all manner of colourful words at the Frog prince hero. But just one look in those cute eyes and all is forgiven, and the task of saving the princess can resume. Besides, in what other game would you get not only a cute prince, but some 50 odd princesses to save? At only £0.69 (the game is half price for the first week), that works out at around 1.4p for each princess – a bargain in any-one’s book. But the game and get Sticky.



Big Sticky is currently available on the App Store for just £0.69


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