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Dress Up Rush HD

Posted by TurtleGirl On July - 20 - 2011

So you think you can run your own fashion store?

Dress Up Rush HD is a time management game published by G5 Entertainment which centers around managing your very own fashion store. The character you play is called ‘Jane’ and she wants to step forward and invest some time and energy into the fashion industry. She does this by opening her very own boutique, which is very basic to begin with. However, it needn’t stay that way for long.

Her new store begins with just a checkout, chair and table. Customers walk into the store and a bubble appears over their head with their shopping request. Now this can be anything from buying a particular item of clothing to having their purchases specially gift-wrapped, or having modifications made to their items, such as having the hem adjusted. It is not always made apparent what the customer actually requires and sometimes the player will just have to work things out for themselves. These awkward customers represent this with a question mark thought bubble.


A brief and simple tutorial shows you the basics of gameplay before you open your store. Initially when you start the game on the ipad, things are relatively relaxed. You’ll sit your customer down and they might want to look at the fashion catalogue or possibly have a cup of coffee. It’s calm and relaxed with a user friendly environment. Simply tapping on the touch interface enables you to serve the customer and then tap the item they require. Gradually as you progress through the game, the level of activity changes and you’ll be frantically flitting from one customer to the next, trying to fulfill all of their requirements in a tried and trusted time management style.


The game is broken up into 60 levels and soon enough you will be able to upgrade your store, enabling you to adorn it with various pieces of furniture. This can be anything from more shelves for the trainers and shoes, to bigger sofas to allow more customers to be seated. During the game, icons appear which give you bonus time or bonus money to make running a store easier. Some items freeze time, so you are able to serve or giftwrap items for your customers at a more leisurely pace.


While your store is gathering new customers each day, you’ll soon begin to see your profits accumulating. In return for your hard work, you can spend your money on new fashionable clothes and maybe install a coffee machine to help keep your customers happy. If you don’t serve your customers, they may become angry and leave, and as a result you can fail the level and have to restart it again. Some customers can be picky, as they choose clothes from the range which are suitably placed on the other side of the hangers. Customers can also be messy and may leave coffee cups or rubbish on the seats. This creates a negative atmosphere for your store, making customers more reluctant to stay in the store and spend their money. The fitting room also has to be maintained and have unwanted clothing removed, otherwise customers won’t want to get changed.

As successful as you are at running your new store, you may find that you have some issues with the local burglars who want to come in and cause trouble for you. They will try and sneak in, dressed in black, to steal your stuff. Simply tapping on these thieves will enable you to capture them before they cause any damage.


With the gameplay staying more or less the same throughout, it can understandably get a bit repetitive at times, and so would perhaps be best for short bursts of gaming rather than extended sessions. I like the fact that you can use your money to buy a glittery new floor for your store or add extra furniture and customise the overall look, but I felt there was a limit in what you could achieve overall. Another problem I had with the game is that customers would come in and say ‘hello’. Whilst that doesn’t sound too distracting, hearing the same greeting repeated everytime a new customer came into the store almost drove me to insanity. It would have been nice to hear the customer say something else, or anything else!. There were times when hordes of customers would all come in at the same time and just repeat those words until I felt like my head would explode.


Graphically, the game is pretty and everything is easy to see with a decent amount of detail. Serving customers is fun and frantic, but I occasionally found that the interface became sticky if tapped too frequently. On occasion this caused it to freeze up and stall my gameplay.

Dress Up Rush HD is a quirky little game that is relatively simple to play and has an addictive nature. It’s a time management game that allows players to create and run the ultimate fashion store, without going heavily into the profits and assets side of things. Enjoyable, fun and frantic!



Dress Up Rush HD is available for the iPad on the App Store for £2.99


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