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Raving Rabbids Alive & Kicking Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On July - 20 - 2011

What have those crazy Raving Rabbids been up to this time?

It seems that they are getting up to their hilarious antics on Kinect. Raving Rabbids Alive and Kicking by Ubisoft has been exclusively developed for the Kinect and consists of a series of mini games which are playable with up to four player’s simultaneously. This is a first for the Kinect, so you may be pleasantly surprised if you play this game with family and friends. You’re going to need plenty of room as you interact with the rabbids in augmented reality, which gives you a completely new experience. The Rabbids in the past have invaded your TV, you’ve run round with them in your shopping trolleys and even taken them to the moon. Now they are set to invade your living room with lots of interaction and physical activity. Keeping up with them could be a hard task. Are you up for the challenge?


This time you can get up close and personal with the Rabbids like never before. These Rabbids need to be kicked into action and that’s one of the first things I literally did when I played the game. Both you and the Rabbids appear in your TV screen and this time you can actually kick and slap them if you wish to. It’s a strange experience as you look down to nothing in the real world, but look to the screen and see the Rabbid sitting quite happily by your feet in the augmented world. Kicking your foot out to the side, you can catapult the Rabbid to the other side of the screen, or kneeling down slightly you can wave your hand from side to side to give the Rabbid a quick slap around the face. It’s all done with humour, so nothing really gruesome happens to them. It’s not really violent or anything, just highly comical in the face of it all.


Once you’ve been introduced to the Rabbids, it’s time to play some of the challenging mini games which set you on the path to some physical exertion. It’s time to test your skills and reactions against the Rabbids. I’m introduced to one of the mini games called ‘Whack-a-rabbit’, which involves  stomping and jumping on Rabbids that  randomly appear from holes. Initially only a few Rabbids appear when you start the game, but gradually they multiply as you find yourself frantically jumping from one hole to another. You will need to move fast and use both feet together to accumulate a good score. Things become even more fun and frantic once two of you are playing. I was playing with the Ubisoft rep and we were bouncing into and off of each other at one point, while rapidly trying to stomp on the heads of the Rabbids. Occasionally an odd Rabbid would appear in the background and you gained extra points if you slapped him round the head. It’s all in the name of fun afterall.

The next mini game was Snot Toss, which involved a Rabbid being attached to a rather long piece of green snot and being flung around. The player has to move their body around in a circular motion which will then spin the Rabbid into the air and oblivion. The first time round I managed to spin round the Rabbid and dropped it to the ground. You have to build enough momentum to actually launch the Rabbid at a great speed in order for him to be flung correctly. Everything needs to be done quicker and faster.


After flinging Rabbids left right and centre, I tried out flaming pong. This involves players at each side of the screen, moving a firefighter up and down the pole, while Rabbids throw flaming marshmallows at you. The idea of the game is for players to wave their hands up and down to raise and lower the firefighters and deflect the marshmallows off the oxygen tanks on their backs towards the opposing player. As you progress through this game, the player with the most points has their oxygen tank extended which makes it easier to play the game and not get flamed to bits.


Another mini game involved dancing and moving around which scored players with various moves. If you were moving faster or dancing in some strange bizarre way, you were given extra points. An alarm would sound and you would have to go and hide, so the motion camera couldn’t detect you on screen. You need a fairly wide open space to play this game, as I should imagine multiplayer could find everyone running into each other quite easily. Another alarm sounds and if you are detected, it’s game over.

One of the last mini games I tried reminded me slightly of Hole in the Wall. In two player mode you’re given a silhouette and together you both have to move your body in the right position to fill the silhouette space. This means lots of bending down and finding yourself in some rather peculiar positions. It was fun and involved a lot of team work to actually succeed.


The game has a decent collection of mini games and even gives players the option of playing with the Rabbids as pets. Raving Rabbids Alive and Kicking is due to be released for Kinect this November. Will you be brave enough to invite the Raving Rabbids into your home?

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