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Zelda 25th Anniversary Bar Top Size Arcade Unit

Posted by TurtleGirl On July - 21 - 2011

Cast your eyes on this awesome custom made Zelda 25th Anniversary Bar Top Size Arcade Unit.It’s been made from 1/2″ MDF, and 3/4″ plywood and the control panel is Pine. It features a 15″ 720p LED LCD TV as a monitor.


The TV is fully intact inside and comes with remote. You can adjust the aspect ratio and zoom on the tv.  This means you can play in 4:3 like the days of old or switch to 16:9 which actually really suits the original Zelda very well.


It uses the TV’s speakers and sounds great playing 8-bit goodness. There is a plexi glass bezel with a white border over the TV monitor. (You could easily slip a small Atom based PC inside and use the VGA or HDMI input as well. There’s a plug free on the quad outlet inside, you would need to wire the controls for pc however).


There is ONE power grounded plug that connects on the back exactly like on a PC power supply. It has a toggle switch and is fused to protect the components.



The system is a Retro Entertainment System NES clone. It top loads and it’s parts fit nicely in the small space. The reset and power switches have been integrated into the arcade machine. It will play 99% of all NES games.  This system has been dismantled to fit in the box.

The marquee/display case has been flocked with green velvety flocking. It’s the perfect back drop for your collection of Zelda carts or figurines. Also, there are 4 led lights glowing amber onto whatever you decide to display inside. You could also place your own sticker or sign behind the plexi glass.


There is a 80mm fan as well to vent heat from the cabinet. Honestly, nothing inside gets all that hot, but it’s there and can easily be disconnected via the molex connector. The back features an access door with magnetic cabinet latch. The control panel uses two push latches so it can be removed if you ever want to swap buttons or service parts. It comes with Joystick and real arcade buttons.

The Monitor adjusts about 25-30 degrees vertically for perfect viewing angle. It’s available from Ebay for US $399.99.

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