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Is The iPad Taking Over?

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 30 - 2011

First I hear a rumour that GAME will be installing iPads into their stores for the ever-helpful sales staff. Now it seems that Sainsburys will be having shopping trolleys with iPad docks! Is the UK going iPad mad?

Whilst chatting last week with a GAME employee about the upgrade to the official GAME website, which I am not at all happy about, he explained to me that it was part of a massive update that the website and stores were about to embark upon. Excitedly, he told me that they were planning on scrapping the counters and tills, replacing them with iPads from which they would be able to work. Obviously this could all be complete rubbish, but it certainly sounded interesting.

Then yesterday, The Telegraph ran a piece revealing that Sainsburys was testing out shopping trolleys with built-in iPad docks in their Cromwell Road, Kensington branch, with a view to rolling them out nationwide if they proved to be successful. These shopping trolleys feature a tilting iPad holder with speakers, bumper sensors to avoid any collisions and solar-charging battery. The trolleys were developed by SKY so that customers could do their shopping whilst enjoying sports or news through the SKY GO service.

Whilst I am all for progress, surely we are giving the iPad too much power. We all know what happened to the iPod in Scary Movie 4 –



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