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Gigantic E3 2015 gameplay trailer

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Dead Island: Survivors out now on iOS and Android

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BMO Staring Back In Adventure Time 3DS Game

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Meet The Final Fantasy Class 0 Members

Posted by TurtleGirl On August - 10 - 2011

Square Enix provides us with a close look at the characters from Final Fantasy class 0 . Class 0 is one of those class in the Suzaku magic school.

We’re given a brief introduction of eleven of the class 0 members and their special abilities.


Ace uses cards as his weapons for close and long ranged attacks. His special ability is called ‘Deck Open’, where he draws four cards. These cards can then attack, heal and perform status modifers.


Queen uses a sword as her weapon with a standard ‘saber strike’ of continious attacks. Her special abiltity is Cross, where she aims the sword at the heavens and releases light in the stage in the shape of a cross, which then deals damage to enemies and healing allies.


Nine uses lance as his weapon of choice, where he uses a standard attack which involves a combo which ends with him using his strength to send the enemy flying. He’s special abiltiy is that he can perform jumps, and this allows him to leap over the head of an enemy and slashes down, dealing damage to enemies.


Machina Kungari uses a dual rapier as his weapon. His attack is a series of combos that can strike up to ten times. He can also ‘Spin Drive’, where he spins the rapier like a drill, dealing repeated damage.


Rem uses dual daggers and two types of magic as her weapons. Her abiloty is ‘Aspibenom, where she sends out a ball of light at the enemy, dealing repeated damage and sucking up MP.


King uses dual guns as his weapon. He has a standard hand gun attack which can deal damage close and far away. His special ability is Powered Bullet, which is an strong attack using an explosive bullet that can strike a nearby enemy. Sice uses a scythe to deal damage. Her ability is called ‘Black Hole’, which can pull in enemies and renders them immobile.


Eight is a lightning expert that uses his fists as his weapon. His attack is Knuckle which strikes at opponents with quick movements. His ability is called ‘Form of the Gale. During this move, he can perform a variety of actions depending on your analogue pad input.


Jack uses a katana as his weapon, which is strong for contacts. His ability is ‘Mikiri’, where he can evade enemy attacks and performs a quick counter attack.


Seven uses a ‘snake sword’ as her weapon. This is a whip line with blades. Her whip can deal damage to enemies in a range. Her special ability is ‘Catch’, she can grab an enemy and unleashes an electric damage against it or pulls it to her.



Deuce uses a flute as a weapon. This special flute can send out ‘Onkai, which is a massive amount of sound which can then attack enemies. The Onkai can also set in place to trap enemies. Her special ability is Concerto, which ups all ally statuses and deals damage.


All screenshots can be seen at Andriasang

Via Andriasang

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